Amazon SEO is becoming one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. This is due to its particular differences with the traditional SEO in Google. Online marketing professionals have been struggling for years with Google’s algorithm changes, but Amazon’s SEO is at its most exciting stage for being the novelty.

Besides, Amazon SEO shares certain similarities with SEO in Google, especially in terms of the importance of performing a good Keyword Research. The aim is to place the most relevant search terms according to the objective in each case. While SEO in Google is completely based on semantics, its search engine is based on offering the most relevant content according to the search. Amazon SEO is based on offering the first positions to the products that are more likely to achieve sales. Amazon is a Marketplace, therefore it uses the Click Through Rate (CTR) and the Conversion Rate to get the products in the first pages of search results.


In addition to the rates mentioned before, Amazon values ​​very positively the quality of your management within Amazon. Things like running out of stock often or having many returns are factors that will make impossible for you to optimize your Amazon SEO, no matter how well you have the rest of the factors.

To get the consumer to reach to your product detail page within Amazon and turns a sale, you must take into consideration a wide range of factors that we will analyse below. Although you get many clicks, if they do not turn into sales then you will not improve Amazon SEO of your products, in fact, quite the opposite, as you will worsen the rankings because Amazon understands that your product does not meet the needs of the customers for the keywords you rank.


First of all, you have to try to rank your products for the keywords you planned. To do this, the first step is to optimize the key elements of the product content:

  1. TITLE

Based on the fact that you have already done a good Keyword Research and you know which keywords are the most relevant to add in the title of your product, now you must know the best structure for the title. Amazon offers a style guide according to each category so you know what structure the title should have to improve the CTR and Conversion Rate of the product. For example, if we talk about Sheets, Mattress Pads, Blankets, Amazon recommends not to exceed 200 characters and start each word in capital letters, except articles and prepositions, with the following structure:

{Brand} {{Line}/{Pattern}} {Thread Count} {Material} {Size} {Product Type}, {color}

In contrast, for Health and Personal Care products, Amazon recommends not to exceed 50 characters with the following structure:

{Brand} {Feature} {Product Type} {Model Number} {Size} {package count} {color} {Scent} {Flavour}

Amazon is very specific in terms of its recommendations with the aim of adapting what the client is looking for with what we offer in the title and thus increasing the number of clicks.

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One of the key factors to rank a product by certain search terms is precisely the section “Search Terms”. This section is available on your Seller or Vendor platform and it is not visible to customers, but it is vital to appear according to the searches you are interested in.

Amazon allows a limited number of characters in this section, 250 divided into 5 different lines, and suggests you to add the search terms that best match with what your product offers. Do not repeat keywords because it is worthless, add synonyms and try to fill the most of the space they give you because this section is very important.


Amazon allows you to add 5 Bullet Points in a very privileged position of your product detail page. To improve the conversion rate and, therefore, the Amazon SEO of your products it is very important to use the 5 bullet points with the most relevant information of your product. Customers use this section to have a quick overview of what the product offers. You should try that this section is enough for the person to decide to buy the product or at least get his attention to read the rest of the product description.

It is important to maintain a consistent order between the different features of your products, for example, if your first Bullet Point is composition and the second are washing instructions, keep the same order in all products of the same type. It is also very important to repeat the relevant information of the title and description of the product, in addition to start each Bullet Point in capital letters and not adding a period at the end. Do not add information about offers, prices, shipping or the company since Bullet Points are not the place for it. Write the numbers in a numeral format and, for Bullet Points with more than 1 sentence, separate the sentences with a semicolon.

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Amazon offers a space of 2000 characters for the description of the product. Try to explain all the features of your product as detailed as you can. The description of your product is an addition to the Bullet Points that allows you to explain much better what benefits your product has. Do not  just describe the product, try to put the product in situation and in its context so that the person can imagine with it. Use correct grammar and add critical information such as dimensions, care, size, warranty, etc.


In addition to the main image that is displayed before viewing the product detail page and which influences the CTR, Amazon allows you to add 8 more photos of the product. Professional images can improve the Amazon SEO of your products because it improves the conversion rate of these. Show in the photos what the client will receive in his house, only what he will receive, excluding accessories not included. Avoid misunderstandings that result in returns and negative customer reviews. Try uploading images in high quality, with a minimum of 1000 pixel to activate the zoom function of the photos. Use clean white backgrounds that do not distract the view of the product and try to make the product fill 80% of the image area. Frames, watermarks and texts in the images are not allowed, as well as colourful backgrounds, charts or product evaluations.

  1. A + CONTENT

If you have a Vendor account, you can take advantage of the possibility of adding Amazon A + content for free, for the time being. This section allows you to offer a visual extra of your product in its context with images, text, colors, etc., as if it were a large banner.


That a product improves its CTR and Conversion Rate or, what is the same, that gets more clicks than similar products that are displayed in a search result and these clicks turn to sales, depends on the elements that are displayed before entering the product detail pages and once the customer is in the product detail page. On the one hand, elements that we already mentioned before, such as the title and the main image, as well as other factors such as:


To improve the CTR and Conversion Rate of the products, and therefore the Amazon SEO, it is important to have a minimum number of verified customer reviews that give confidence to your target audience among the rest of the products in the Amazon search results. Amazon recommends having at least 30 customer reviews in order to not harm the CTR and Conversion Rate of that product.


In addition to show to our target customer a considerable number of customer reviews, to improve Amazon SEO, it is very important that the average rating of those customer reviews is as high as possible. A score over 4 out of 5 based on more than 30 customer reviews will positively influence the CTR and Conversion Rate of your product.


In addition to the factors already mentioned, to improve the CTR and Conversion Rate of your products, it is very important that it is included in the Amazon Prime program. There are customers who even filter to see only products that are Prime because of the great advantages they bring in terms of shipping. To be Prime there are 2 options: being Vendor or being Seller using the logistics of Amazon.

  1. PRICE

Finally, it is obvious that in Amazon the price is the king. Consumers choose Amazon as the first search option because they know that it has competitive prices in all product categories. Obviously, we cannot compete on price with all the products that appear in the search results, since each company is a world, but we must approach as much as possible to offer a price that adjusts to the price-quality of each product, mainly comparing with the most similar products offered in Amazon search results. In addition, to find the most optimum price, it is very important to make flash offers that attract the public, improve the CTR and Conversion Rate and, therefore, improve Amazon SEO of your products.

Amazon SEO is based on many factors, basically all those factors that show that you are a good seller and have a good product that people love. Do not try tricks, be a good seller, although this seems very obvious.

Epinium Analytics simplifies the process of optimizing product detail pages by reviewing all relevant factors and optimizing them to maximize Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate.


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