In this article we will talk about how our software Epinium can help you with the Retail Readiness Amazon. We will show you what you can do step by step.

Retail Readiness Amazon

First, we would like to intruduce you the concept of being Retail Ready on Amazon. That is to say, the product you want to promote has to be ready for sale. There are some elements that you must have prepared before the activation of a campaign in order to gain the maximum visibility through Amazon Advertising.

First of all it is important to do a keyword research by looking at keywords used by competitors and new ones, in order to apply them to aur product content and other marketing campaigns.

How Epinium can help you

Following, we will prepare our product listings with the help of Epinium.


It is one of the most important element, in fact it is the first thing users see while they are looking for a product. It makes a difference in making your product more preferable than others.

Thank to epinium you have the chance to make changes to your products titles from one section, by adding till 200 characters. We usually suggest to start with the Brand name, after the name of the product and at the end the chosen keywords.


The first image is the most important, it has to be displayed with a white background and the product must be seen clearly, without adding other products or filters to the image. In your Seller Central Account you can add till seven photos and one video. With Epinium you have the advantage to see all the images of your products in a faster way, in fact you don’t have to exit or enter different pages in order to see them. Moreover you can add the column “Edit image” which send you to your Seller Central Account.

Rating and Reviews

Before promoting a product, it is recommended to have a minimum of 15 reviews and 3.5 rating stars. This allow you to improve your campaign conversion rate. Epinium provides you with the number of reviews and rating stars you have, so that you can choose the best product to promote.

Stock and Buybox

Stock is another element to take seriously into consideration, because it affects your positioning. if you run out of stock your positioning will go worse and you could loose the Buybox. Epinium permits you manage your stock and see which product won the Buybox.

Bullet Points

In order to make a product Retail Ready, you have to add at least five bullet points to your listings. We recommend to ad first of all icons, then words in capital letters and after all descriptions. This task could be made through epinium, by editing the respective columns directly. Your seller central account will be automatically updated.

When everything will be well prepared and ready you could start your Amazon campaigns and obtain results in terms of visibility and CTR.

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