After going through the A9 Amazon ranking algorithm, it’s now time to get everything you can do to optimize your listing.

We’ll cover every step you need to take from creating your listing to making sure it climbs to the top and stays there.

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So, here we go

Optimal Content for Your Amazon Listing

Let’s start with the first step: creating and boosting your content, which means optimizing your product copy and images.

Amazon works just like a search engine, so optimizing your content will improve the click-rate (CTR) in search results and the conversion rate (CR) on the product page. Both CTR and CR boost sales and, therefore, improve your ranking.

Optimizing your product listings should, therefore, always be the first step to take in order to boost your A9 Amazon ranking algorithm.

Optimizing your product copy and images improves your performance and rankings.

Focus on optimizing the following product content for Amazon SEO:

Product title
  • Bullet points a.k.a. Highlights a.k.a. Attributes
  • Product description
  • Additional product information
  • Enhanced Brand Content (Sellers) & A+ Content (Vendors)

Note: Make sure you follow the Amazon Style Guides according to your product category. If you don’t, Amazon could suppress your product.

EpiniumTip: Always provide all information needed for the purchase decision in the description.

Highlight the benefits and USPs of your product in the description. Go the extra mile and tell your customers how your product can benefit them or even change their lives.

Put all information structured in a way that the customer can scan it easily and quickly.

Content: Creating and enhancing your listing content
  • Keywords: Adding and optimizing the keywords of your listing
  • Maintenance: Ongoing optimization after the listing is live (managing reviews and leveraging Amazon PPC to boost your rankings).
Be careful with Amazon Product Reviews

To give your product texts an extra boost, go through the reviews and questions & answers for your product. This part, is what often reveals what benefits and USPs are important to your customers and what information is needed for them to make a purchase decision.

Brand-Only Features- Amazon A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content are extended content features for brand-registered Sellers and Vendors, respectively.

Enhanced content allows you to answer your buyer’s questions conclusively and in a more engaging way. Good enhanced content can, therefore, lead to a better conversion rate, more sales, and fewer returns.

According to Amazon, enhanced content can increase your sales by 3-10 % through a higher conversion rate. This means even your expensive ad clicks might pay off.

What are the benefits of enhanced content (for sellers and vendors)?
  1. Product Story: More images and elaborated product descriptions give you the space to tell your product’s story in a more engaging way. Use it to show off unique benefits and features as well as the lifestyle connected to your product.
  2. Brand Awareness: Telling your brand’s story and connecting with your buyers builds brand awareness and loyalty. It makes you stand out from the competition and can incentivize repeat purchases.
  3. Product range: Comparison charts help users to find out more about your products and make satisfactory buying decisions. They also lower the probability that users get distracted and led (likewise) to competitor products — for example, by Sponsored Products ads or Amazon’s ‘similar product comparison widget’.

Enhanced Brand Content is free for Sellers, you just need to get your brand registered with Amazon, and you have to be on a professional selling plan to use it

Remember, however, that you still have to invest time and effort into creating Enhanced Brand/Marketing Content.

Enhanced content is not indexed by Amazon and therefore doesn’t directly increase visibility in search results. However, it can improve rankings indirectly by improving the conversion rate. 

However, enhanced content won’t easily fix a product that isn’t selling well. On the contrary, enhanced content is rather a booster for a product that is already showing a strong performance on Amazon.

Having attractive, high-quality product images are extremely important for a product’s ranking because it can significantly improve the product’s performance (CTR, CR, and sales).

How do they do that?

Step 1 

Search Results: The main product image in the search results is usually the first point of contact between your product and the customer. Shoppers click on a search result more frequently when it has an engaging main image. The main image is probably the most important factor in the click-through rate (CTR). Moreover, a better CTR will also result in higher sales for your product.

Step 2 

Product Page: Appealing product images can incentivize customers to buy your product, thus boosting your conversion rate (CR) and sales. The reason why is because good product images answer your customer’s questions and answer all the questions they might have to make an informed buying decision. Also, they leave a good impression and build trust with your buyers. 

Adding pictures and even including high-resolution images (to activate the zoom function) does not, however, guarantee you will have a better ranking. The product will only move up the ranking in case the CTR, CR, and sales growth as well.

This is it for today’s post! This is how you get proficient on boosting your conversion rates on Amazon thanks to the A9 Amazon ranking algorithm! If you are interested in the first part of this article click here.

Stay tuned if you want to read more posts on Amazon Management!

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