Today we are going to discuss our recent Software Updates. For those of you who don’t know us yet, we work for empowering you to boost your sales on Amazon. We developed a software which helps you work faster, easier and in a proper way. People who already know Epinium, and who chose us, can benefit from our daily hard work to stay up-to-date with Amazon changes and the requests of our clients. In case you doubt, we share constantly our improvements and progresses with you.


Following you can see what we have got better this month.


Let’s start with improvements:

  • New Login and Register pages: when you start a session with “Amazon Login”, remeber to click on “Forgot your Password? and set a new one”.
  • Now, at the end of your Bulk Changes you can look at the final results in a chart, allowing you to filter them in order to show or hide (undo) results.
  • The Resume Charts in the Campaigns section have been deleted, since they slowed down the loading. But don’t worry, these data can be seen in a better way from the new Analytics section.
  • Provisions have been deleted from the SEO optimization page since the new columns disposition made them unnecessary.
  • We have added Explanations within the Organic Search Terms Editor in order to help you understand and generate them.
  • The title which appears in the browsing tab is now dynamic and reflects the current page. It is very useful when you keep open more Epinium windows.

As you probably know Technology, in general, is not always a loyal partner, sometimes it can crash, therefore it needs more attention. Fortunately, from our point of view, there are much more advantages from leveraging from Technology. Moreover, if you can rely on a team of experts and passionates you can be sure that everything can be easily fixed.

Fixed Errors

This month our software development team has worked hard. Some problems occured but they have been successfully solved. Let’s have a look:

  • The Ad Blockers halt some parts of the Ad Analytics session. However, Epinium does not contain adverts, for this reason if you are using ad blockers, you can disable them from Epinium App.
  • We fxed a Bug that sometimes prevented reports from being forced from the Manage Amazon Connections page.
  • The Length of Bullet Points were not being calculated correctly after bulk changes, but now it is fixed and the incorrectly calculated ones have been corrected.

So, also this month we have worked for you! Let’s keep in touch!

Remember, if you are an Amazon Seller or Agency that wants to make efforts effective, you don’t have to pay anything to try our software. We make our tool at your disposal for free for 7-days, you have simply to connect your Amazon Account to begin the session. Don’t be worried, your data will be eliminated after 3 months from the end of the trial period.

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