To sum up 2020  in Amazon, it is important to mention that the e-Commerce sector is in an expansion phase. It is true that the sector has grown in recent years, but due to the current global situation, e-commerce has experienced a boost worthy of comment.

In this article, we will focus on Amazon, the market leader in the market and which is increasing its global presence in recent times.

Amazon updates for the year

To begin with, the technology giant has tripled the sales of its large competitors, covering 15% of electronic commerce in Spain and earning a total of 7,567 million euros. Likewise, the US platform has incorporated new markets around Europe, benefiting clients, and entrepreneurs seeking to internationalize their businesses.

Similarly, it has incorporated new tools with the aim of facilitating the platform’s processes. We have the new Selling Partners API to improve the interaction of external services, both for Seller and Vendor.

Similarly, we have seen the incorporation of Amazon Pharmacy, authorizing the purchase of prescription drugs without a shipping fee and a new seal that guarantees sustainability, known as Climate Pledge Friendly, for Sellers and Vendors.

In addition, we have the Amazon Live teleshopping, which continues with its constant growth, the launch of Amazon Attribution, and the smart scale that automatically orders products when the quantity is reduced.

Major takeaways

Concluding with the recap of 2020, we highlight that Amazon is committed to creating hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world, giving support and opportunities to individuals of all levels and stages of their professional careers.

Likewise, we highlight their involvement in protecting the planet, and finally, in strengthening and fully trusting small and medium-sized companies.

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