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How can we optimise images on Amazon?

One of the most important elements to boost online sales is to optimise images on Amazon, as it is the first point that captures our attention at first, both in the Amazon results and in the product data sheet. Then we would continue to look at other details such as the title or description.

What requirements do we need, what are the best practices?

Requisitos necesarios para poder optimizar imágenes en Amazon

In order to optimise images on Amazon, we must meet the following requirements to upload photographs of our product on Amazon:

  • Faithfully represent the product, showing only what is for sale.
  • Image dimensions: they must have a minimum height or width of 1 000 pixels and at least 500 pixels (without exceeding 10 000) on the longest side for a correct visualisation and so that the customer can zoom in on the image.
  • Background and Colour : The main images must be professional photographs of the product with a pure white background (RGB of 255, 255, 255).
  • Format: JPEG, TIFF or GIF file extensions are acceptable, although JPEG format is preferred.
  • Frame: The product must occupy 85% of the photo frame in the main image.
  • Image name: Must include the ASIN, JAN, EAN, ISBN or UPC code.
  • The product and all its features must be clearly visible.
  • No nudity or provocative images.
  • Models must be standing, except for babies.
  • They must not appear with accessories not included that could confuse the customer, or text that is not part of the product, logos, watermarks or superimposed images.
  • Images must match the product title.
  • Animated GIFs are not allowed.
  • It is advisable to have several photos of the same product, as having more images and views of the product helps the consumer to have more information about it and clears up doubts.

Interpret error codes on Amazon

If we have not previously fulfilled some of the requirements that Amazon asks us when uploading the product images, we will get an error code. These are related to errors in size, focus, content and others.

These are some of the most common errors:

Types of images on Amazon

  1. Poor image quality The image does not meet Amazon’s quality requirements.
  2. Product photo out of focus.
  3. Product scanned or photographed unprofessionally.
  4. Product too small in the image. Product does not appear on a white background.
  5. Product is shown inside the packaging.
  6. Additional products are shown.
  7. Information is missing to facilitate the purchase decision.
  8. Product does not match the ASIN.
  9. Wrong ASIN or variant.
  10. Invalid file extension.
  11. The image file is damaged or the file format is not as expected.
  12. The image is too small.
  13. An official image already exists for this product.
  14. A repeated image has been uploaded.
  15. Unknown internal error.
  16. An image with identical ASIN and variant is already queued for review.

1.Product photos

These are the most common photos used by most sellers: usually a photo of the product with a white background is used as the main image. Making the product look real and fully matching its description.

2.Photos in use

They are photographs using the product, that is, with models that help the user to know how to use the product or a good idea could also be to put images of people using a garment or accessory in different positions. To solve doubts about how it will look on me. They also help conversion.


It is a very interesting resource to offer additional information about advantages, operation or guarantees. Also include icons indicating extra information that, even if it is in the product description, should be highlighted in the images to ensure that the user reads it.

4.Content A+

This type of images allow us to add extra content of our brand or product, integrate images, videos and texts that add and give more information to the consumer or even offer more branding. To do this we need to be a registered trademark or seller on Amazon.

5.Comparison with another product

Even if the product description contains the specifications of the product’s measurements, it is recommended to add an image of the product in comparison with another product that the user knows. For example, if it is a food utensil, with some food, if it is a t-shirt with a person, etc. This will reduce the number of returns because the size has not been correct, as it will help the user to get an idea of the size of the product.

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