Roicos, was born in 2015 as an online marketing agency, just like many other companies that were on the market and over time we could see how there was more and more interest from our clients to sell on Amazon. Knowing the opportunities, advantages, and main differences with eCommerce, in 2017 we decided to specialize in Amazon, thus being the first agency specialized in Amazon in Spain.

Roicos is an international agency dedicated to Amazon, both for large brands and Smaller companies and they have a team of Amazon Experts to offer the best results to our clients. They know that each client is totally different, so flexibility is one of their main strengths. They study the needs of each one, carefully plan a great strategy, and execute the necessary plan to achieve such objectives.

The marketplaces Manager ( just like Amazon) is a new profession of which there is practically no training and experienced staff. At Roicos, complete initial training on Amazon is offered to end up with an official certification. Amazon is a platform with many peculiarities in addition to the news that they launch periodically, which is why their training process is never over. 

The team is composed of Amazon Experts both in the Sales department, in the management department, and in the development department.


Roicos, as an agency, used to find it complex to edit listings from multiple accounts manually since they needed to be typing the code manually and having to convert content manually to HTML. 

They also claim that the stock forecast that Amazon tells or recommends you to have is wrong. They always recommend sending more units than you should really send. In order to make a stock forecast, you first have to analyze with the company reports what the products were and the units you had to send, one by one.

On top of that, they have too many client accounts to manage all at once so it is hard to devote the same amount of time to each one.

Solution with Epinium:

  • The first point that Epinium has helped Roicos  save a lot of time was editing listings. Seller Central, the platform where mostly all vendors use, is really complex for editing listings, you have to enter the product one by one to change the content. Or either you can fill in an infinite Excel file and upload it. With Epinium we were able to save up a lot of time in editing the listings as they have a mass editing feature and you can fast and easily modify, add content to all of them. In addition, they also have the option to make HTML content so you don’t have to type the code since Epinium does it automatically.

Graphs to show the increase in Conversion, incomes & sessions

  • Regarding FBA logistics, it also gives us a huge benefit. In Seller Central, when you do the shipping plan to send stock to Amazon warehouse, the platform recommends a certain unit of each product. However, sometimes it doesn’t estimate the units correctly, and you end up sending more units than you should, wasting money and time. So with Epinium, we can skip this part because it allows you to do a stock forecast. Thanks to the Epinium Algorithm, tells you exactly the units you have to send to Amazon. Either you can choose for 7/14/30 days. It also gives you the option to make a stock forecast for Small and Light products, which is a good point to consider. So basically, doing the stock forecast with Epinium, helps you to save a lot of time but also gives you the exact units you have to send, depending on your needs as a vendor.
  • The third point to focus on, is that you can group all customers in one place. You don’t have to log in every time you want to see a customer’s account. What’s more, you can see each account’s campaigns independently and optimize it from here. It also allows you to create new campaigns saving you a lot of time.

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