Amazon is a competitive and lucrative sales platform. Moreover, it is the largest digital commerce in the world and visitors to Amazon are ready to find the most appropriate and competitive product.  In short, they are willing to buy it.

In any case, if you want to increase your sales, you need to optimize your product lists. Next, there are some top tips for selling on Amazon like a pro:

1: Make sure the description of your products is accurate

First of all, use clear, natural and informative language. So don’t include unnecessary jargon and never falsify reality. Moreover, if you are not sure how to use the proper tone in your texts, take inspiration from your most successful competitors. Finally, take a look on Amazon’s own website for the top ranked competitors.


2: Be clear and follow the rules

On one hand, always be honest when writing product descriptions. In fact, this is your guarantee to avoid negative ratings and product returns or refunds. Likewise, customer loyalty and your brand reputation are essential.

3: Create eye-catching headlines

In addition, your product title should be realistic and include high converting keywords. So, consider your sales message. ¿What does the unique selling proposition of your product include? ¿Why should consumers buy from you?

4:Choose the most effective keywords

On the other hand, keyword research is a critical part of your Amazon posts. Also, your title has to include the name of your brand and the name of the product. Moreover, it should include the characteristics that best define it. 

Your keywords should also appear in the product description, FAQs, bullet points, and images. Tip: If you are not sure which keywords to use, try using the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Scout to assess search volumes. Many advertisers use long headlines with many keywords. Although this might give an impression of clutter, it is the way to successfully attract high-quality traffic.

5: Choose the right images

Likewise, all images must be a true representation of your product, showing it from different perspectives or while it is being used. Images must be at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels for details to be seen well with Amazon’s zoom feature. Therefore, this will allow buyers to enlarge images by hovering over them. So, try changing the image to see if it affects your conversion rate. If they repeatedly send you inquiries about the content of the image, change it as soon as possible.

6: Pay attention to bad reviews

There are several rating systems for e-commerce. It is important that you periodically review the assessments and procedures with the utmost seriousness. If you think you have been evaluated unfairly, do not react in a bad way. Respond to the customer’s comment politely. Empathize with their complaint if necessary, and ask them to clarify all the details.

The more information you have about the problem, the sooner you can solve it tactfully and politely. Give your opinion about it and offer a solution. If you think the customer’s comments are not correct, please refer to your terms or product information to support your answer.

7: Be grateful for the good reviews

Good reviews bring with them repeat customers and new buyers. That simple Always thank customers for their positive words, adding that you are at their disposal for future purchases. Write personalized responses. The “ready-made” formulas give the impression of insincerity. Yes, you can have a list of thank you responses ready to copy, add context, and customize.

8: Offer excellent logistics service

This includes regularly reviewing orders, responding promptly to questions, and submitting post-sales shipping confirmations. Only work with reputable third-party vendors and always keep your promises. Put shipping options prominently in your product description and provide more specific details in the “frequently asked questions.”

9: Make sure your price is real and competitive

Otherwise you will not be complying with good practices. This could have negative effects on your conversion and ratings. Don’t forget that consumers can search by “lowest price,” so keep an eye on your competitors’ listings.

10: Provide excellent customer service

Make sure the customer experience is positive throughout the purchase process, from the search phase to logistics. This is the way to get them to buy from you again and to be recommended to other people. Handle returns and refunds politely and respond to questions and comments quickly and professionally. You must also know how to listen. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Any comment or suggestion can be used in one way or another.

Remember that Epinium is an Amazon software dedicated to boosting the sales of our customers by making them win the buy box and obtaining a higher ranking.

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