Amazon Pay Per Click is known as the best alternative to increase the sales of products published on Amazon. It is the tool that allows you to position products on the first page, attract traffic, and finally get more sales.

In this post, we are going to discuss how we can increase sales and power our business thanks to our Amazon PPC software.

The first thing we will have to take into account is that what is going to be promoted will be the products from your Amazon account. What is being sold is the product page itself. This will improve all SEO and end up ranking them much better.

Ad Console campaigns primarily cover the middle to the lower part of the funnel. These campaigns work to drive purchases, while DSP works across the entire advertising funnel from awareness to purchase. Having the ability to retarget customers through DSP keeps your brand on the minds of prospects and previous customers.

What is Amazon SEO and why is it important?

As many of you may know, SEO is the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic by bringing up the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

While this might seem like an odd concept considering Amazon is an e-commerce website (and people often misconceive SEO as a Google-related need), it’s actually highly important.

Amazon’s A9 search engine actually outperforms Google when it comes to people doing product searches. In fact, 66% of shoppers start their product search journey on Amazon while Google is at 20%.

So, if you grasp all Amazon SEO terms, then your products’ visibility and ranking enhance, hence, you’ll drive more sales!

Below, we explain the conceps ordered from highest to least relevance as we can see in the previous image.

Sponsored Brands

They are ads that include your brand logo, a title, and up to three of your products that will appear in search results and help build recognition for your brand and product portfolio.

How to do it?

Choose the products that we want to advertise.

Create the title that your ad will have created using images.

Decide the keywords that we will use for our ad and also think about the bid budget for clicks.

Submit the ad for review. The time period will be 72 hours.

Who can use Sponsored Brands?

This option can only be used for those sellers who have registered the brand in Amazon, something that we always recommend from Roicos.

How does it work?

With Sponsored Brands we will achieve:

Brand awareness: These ads appear in search results to drive awareness of your brand. We must take advantage of the message that we can incorporate to make buyers see our brand and decide for us when buying.

Make them visit us: Sponsored Brands allows buyers to see us when they are looking for a product. If you click on us, you will be taken to a personalized page that you can finalize with the purchase of any of our products.

Cost management: As in the previous model, pay per click allows us to decide how much to bid for each one and perfectly adjust to the desired budget.

Sponsored Products

With this type of campaign, we will help customers to discover and buy our products with the ads that will appear in the search results.

How to do it?

Select the products we want to advertise.

Study and decide the keywords that we want to promote and define how much we want to bid on clicks. As with Sponsored Brands.

The ideal is to start with a small budget and increase as we see the results.

Who can use Sponsored Products?

This tool is available to all Amazon sellers. Products must fall into one or more of the eligible categories and be eligible to win the Buy Box in order to be advertised.

How does it work?

Increase sales: Sponsored Products allow you to reach customers, increasing visibility to direct them to your product page.

Discovery: Ads appear where customers can see them as well as the first page in the search result, giving your product instant visibility.

Cost control: The Amazon Pay per Click ads work by PPC, pay per click as I mentioned above so you only pay when customers click on your ads, giving you full control over the desired budget by deciding the bid for each of them.

Keep in mind that Epinium is an Amazon Pay per click software for brands who want to boost their sales on  Amazon as well as their presence in the marketplace.

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