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February: Renewed Strategies and Success

  • Five-Step Framework for Boosting Sales on Amazon: Introduction of a strategic approach designed to improve sellers’ positioning on the platform and boost their sales.
  • Amazon User Interface Update: New functionality that allows sellers to review how their products align with search terms, improving marketing strategy and expanding product reach.
  • Amazon Sales Tip: Including people in product images increases trust and conversions by providing a size and usage reference. Improve your listing with this simple change to see transformed results.
  • Optimizing Your Amazon Brand Store: A well-tuned store attracts more visits, increases order size, and provides key data for growth. Stand out on Google, connect with followers, and promote new products to boost your brand.
  • New Test on Amazon: Secondary images are now displayed directly on the listing’s cover, improving conversion chances. Take this opportunity to highlight your products and increase sales.
  • Amazon SEO Tips: Optimize your strategy from the title to the A+ content to increase visibility. Pay attention to key areas such as the title, search terms, and brand narrative for maximum SEO impact.

January: Digital Transformation and Strategic Advances

  • Innovation in feedback-based tools for listing optimization and financial forecasting: Amazon uses user feedback to refine product listings and offer more accurate economic predictions.
  • Expansion of the keyword limit in the backend to 500 bytes for detailed descriptions: Amazon now allows more space for keywords in the backend, improving product description and search.
  • Introduction of the “Search on this page” feature to facilitate instant customer searches: Enhances the customer experience with a feature that simplifies finding specific products on a page.
  • Adjustment of advertising strategies according to daily variability to maximize visibility: Advises modifying advertising campaigns based on the time of day to increase the effectiveness of ads.
  • Focus on mobile optimization with clear images, attractive titles, and high-quality A+ content: Emphasizes the importance of optimizing listings for mobile devices with high-quality visual and textual content.
  • Use of AI by Amazon to detect fake reviews, ensuring reliability: Amazon employs artificial intelligence to identify and remove fraudulent opinions, protecting the integrity of reviews.
  • “Keep It” policies by Amazon and Walmart revolutionize return management, affecting costs and sellers: These policies allow customers to keep select returned products, reducing logistical costs and affecting the dynamics of sellers.
  • Investment in Amazon brand stores as a strategy to increase revenue by at least 10%: Creating and optimizing Amazon brand stores can significantly increase revenue for sellers.
  • TikTok Shop challenge: opportunity for Amazon sellers to explore new markets with creative content: Amazon sellers can use TikTok Shop to reach new customers by creating attractive content and generating sales with a positive return on investment.
  • Launch of the AI-powered Shopping Assistant by Amazon, improving product-customer interaction through advanced technology: Amazon introduces an AI-based shopping assistant to answer product queries, enriching the shopping experience with cutting-edge technology.

Amazon Seller Updates in 2023

December: Creativity and Globalization

  • Improvement in offer recommendations in Sponsored Display.
  • Overlapping audiences to identify new and similar audiences.
  • Support for guaranteed programmatic deals in Magnite Streaming.
  • Launch of Amazon Video Builder to promote multiple products in a single video ad.
  • Automatic headline localization for sponsored brand campaigns.
  • Language translations for custom Sponsored Display creatives.

November: Visual Enhancements and Analysis

  • New standard visualization in Amazon DSP to upload multiple image assets in 3 types of creatives.
  • Budget scheduling based on time of day in sponsored ads.
  • Replacement of 360-degree images with 3D models.
  • Relaunch of the B2B Product Opportunities page.
  • New customer loyalty analysis panel.

October: Advertising Innovation

  • Introduction of Sponsored TV with no minimum spend.
  • Expansion of sponsored products to premium apps and websites in the US.
  • Availability of Amazon Brand Lift in France.
  • Launch of AI-generated image generator for sponsored brands (beta).
  • Page view metrics and Amazon Ads Multichannel Planner.
  • Availability of Creative Testing (beta) and Audience Research (beta) in Canada, Germany, and the UK.
  • Goal-based offers in Amazon DSP.
  • New features in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and Amazon Publisher Cloud (APC).
  • Interactive audio ads.

September: Delivery Solutions and Metrics

  • Delivery troubleshooting solution for all self-service customers, including Open Exchange Inventory.
  • Launch of Amazon Attribution Re-marketing for audiences targeted from external advertising traffic to Amazon.
  • Conversion of currency metrics for sponsored ads from any country.
  • New delivery metrics: delivery risk and budget at risk.
  • Adding 3D content to product listings to increase conversions.
  • ASIN performance comparison for brands.
  • Sales trends on specific product listings.

August: Discounts, Attributes, and AI-Generated Content

  • Percentage-based discounts through Manage Your Customer Engagement.
  • Expansion of Sponsored Brands signals in Amazon Marketing Stream globally.
  • Requirements for 274 new attributes for 200 product types in listings starting from August.
  • Deactivation of return reviews and AI-generated content generator for product descriptions.
  • Line item moderation to verify line item settings.
  • Creation of video campaigns where your brand store is the landing page.

July: Personalized Promotions and Report Repository

  • Creation of custom brand promotions.
  • Report repository in Payments for requesting date range reports and tracking.
  • Launch of sponsored product campaigns with preset configurations.
  • Introduction of a self-registration assistant for Fire TV.

June: Simplified Training and Publishing

  • Free certification in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for analytics professionals, with a 6-week course.
  • Ability to create and manage posts directly in the Amazon Ads console without requiring an active store.
  • Measurement of brand marketing impact through Amazon Brand Lift for Canadian advertisers.
  • Improvements in reach and frequency measurements in Amazon DSP, including audience measurements without duplicates.
  • Integration of an inventory overview in the Amazon Logistics panel.
  • Removal of the requirement to be a registered brand to add videos to listings after 3 months of selling on Amazon.

May: Audience Expansion and Measurement

  • You can activate and create custom audiences in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) using SQL queries for Amazon DSP campaigns.
  • A new feature has been introduced in the store info panel that allows detailed tracking of metrics such as views, clicks, add to cart, conversions, and purchases at the product level.
  • Amazon Ads podcast ads are now available in the UK through Amazon DSP. The availability of Sponsored Display audiences has been expanded for advertisers in Belgium.
  • A beta feature called «Brand Impression Share» has been launched, showing the percentage of impressions received in search for your brand terms over time.
  • Amazon has updated its daily budget policy for Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display, allowing spending up to 100% higher than the average daily budget on a given day.
  • The most recent status information for Amazon Ads services, such as campaign creation, management, and ad delivery, is now available in Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP.
  • New on-demand learning content has been launched in Amazon Marketing Cloud.

April: Unifying and Empowering Advertising Strategies

  • April brought us the Amazon Ad Server, merging visual experiences and connecting advertisers with advanced advertising solutions. Unified advertising management across different countries and the expansion of designated market areas illustrate Amazon’s effort to provide tools that support business growth and expansion on its platform.

March: Expanding Frontiers and Enhancing the Experience

  • Expansion of error alerts in Amazon DSP and launch of screen ads on Fire TV in several European countries.
  • Updates in order number visibility on product pages and adjustments to FBA inventory assessment.

February: Refining Advertising Strategy

  • New capabilities to recreate Sponsored Display campaigns with campaign copy
  • Enhancements in creative building with step-by-step controls, and unification of omnichannel metrics in Amazon DSP.

January Innovations: Starting on the Right Foot

  • Implementation of sponsored brand signals in Amazon Marketing Cloud, providing a broader view of advertising investments.
  • Simplification in creating offers with third-party exchange names in Amazon DSP.
  • Launch of sponsored ads and stores in Belgium, and improvements in product PPC performance on the Amazon Dashboard

Final Reflections and a Look to the Future

The review of Amazon Seller updates in 2023 shows us a platform in constant evolution, always striving to improve the user experience and optimize results for sellers. The improvements on the platform have not only made it easier to manage and analyze advertising campaigns but have also opened new avenues for creativity and customization in e-commerce.

We wonder, what will 2024 bring? If this year has been indicative of anything, it is Amazon’s ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of its vast user ecosystem. We eagerly await the next surprises that Amazon has in store, always with the certainty that they will be designed to further drive success and satisfaction within its platform.

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