In today’s blog post, we will be discussing all tips and tricks to improve product ranking on Amazon thanks to Amazon’s A9 ranking factors for improving results naturally.

So here we go!

Step #1: Amazon Product Price

Whenever you set a “price” for your product, check your competition for all the identical products. Wider price gaps are never going to win. You should always try to overcome or match your competition’s price. Try lowering the prices to senseless amounts to put away the small fishes.

Product price is indeed one of the crucial performance factors, which helps in deciding a product being purchased or not. If you compare it to what your competitors offer at the marketplace, you shouldn’t be too expensive, as that can reduce your sales drastically, and therefore your product ranking on Amazon.

Step #2: Use FBA For Your Product

A Professional Seller Account charges you $39.99 per month. Though this might seem a little high initially, it is totally worth. It actually discharges you from paying that $1 fee per product, which you’d be paying if holding an Individual Seller Account.

With FBA, a professional seller will not only have a higher probability of visibility on the Amazon SERPs but will also win better the “Buy Box.”

Step #3: Amazon Product Images

The saying “a picture says a thousand words,” is so true when we talk about attracting potential shoppers at a marketplace like Amazon.

You should never underestimate the strength of the images. It is one of the most important sales differentiation point. Product pictures are key sales drivers. Although they don’t affect the Amazon SEO directly, they do highly impact the bounce rates of people visiting their product and not making a purchase.

Amazon recommends using larger images — at least that are 1000 pixels in width or height to enable its “zoom” function.

Better quality images have been connected to higher sales. So, this literally means that the images have a high tendency to pull customers to see through your listing.

Remember that images have a larger bearing on the velocity and hence,play a big role in influencing the Amazon SERPs. Furthermore, you can try different image tricks to attract buyers.

Say, for instance, X company took their selling strategy to a whole new level by using distinct image tactics. They noticed about 95% incline in their CTRs when they replaced their painting images with the corresponding artists’ pictures.

In e-commerce, pictures create a reliable illustration of the product.So, a great image has outstanding effects on a buyer.

Even after people see a few other product listings, an amazing product image can actually take them back to your listing page.

You need to understand that every shopper landing on Amazon wants to see a certain picture of the product before making a purchase. So, if you want to push your product to the top results of Amazon search results, you need to create a new image strategy.

Step #4: Amazon Product Description

Besides the other key aspects, the product description is used to seduce the customer for a purchase. So, it is important to emphasize on the positive traits of the product.

Step #5: Amazon Product Title

By far, the utmost important factor to focus on to boost product’s visibility and rankings is your product title. Make sure you include all the relevant information in your title, keeping the product name first.

According to Amazon, a product title should include the following:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Color

Having an optimized product title is one of the most important factors for improving your product ranking on Amazon. Remember Amazon is a search engine , so keyword optimization is important here too. Hence, if you have never really bothered for keyword research or keyword optimization for your product, you are never going to be able to get too far.

On one hand, you should never overstuff your titles with too many keywords, as that’s never going to catch potential buyers attention. Keep the title in a format that it does not only clearly describe the product but also has the keyword naturally embedded.

On the other hand, short titles add to less area and therefore often have lower CTRs. The name of the brand appears on the product page, and should always be specified as many users search for specific brands on Amazon. 

Remember to use 2-3 keywords that not only have a relevant search volume but also explain the product traits. Besides increasing the search rankings, the right product title also influences a product’s conversion rates and click-through rates.

Step #6: Product Reviews And Ratings

When it comes to Amazon SEO, a product’s ratings and reviews are yet another relevant component, which are evaluated and considered for better rankings.At the same time, they make sure that there is an indirect improvement in the rankings. This, in turn, influences the click-through rates and conversions. The higher the positive reviews,the better the product’s value is. This is also in fact reflected on the ratings of other users and buyers, who can see the customer reviews as helpful or unhelpful.

Step #7: Amazon Product Features In Bullet Points

Since Amazon offers a lot of space to write for your product, there is a lot you can do. When it comes to “product description,” buyers or shoppers are never going to per persuaded if it has lots of information in paragraphs rather than in clear bullet points describing every feature of the product.

While writing a product description, presenting them in paragraphs can have two downsides:

  • The Amazon’s A9 algorithm does not like walls or chunks of text. It prefers it to be in bullets with an easier, and more organized look to organized and categorize.
  • Potential searchers or buyers dislike them because they are unclear, hard to reach and astonished– meaning that practicing them will only lower your conversion rates or sales and so does your visibility and velocity in the Amazon search results.

So, use bullet points to describe your product precisely. Again, you should take caution not to fill the bullet points randomly with keywords but to emphasize on specific product features such as size, weight, and color, given that the keywords are automatically embedded. It shouldn’t make it weird to read. All in all, the bullet points have more space than the title. The position of the keywords is not relevant. It is more important to meet the seekers, to influence them to make a purchase. Non-responsive bullet points can quickly make the user jump off. This affects the “bounce rate,” which in turn, can have a negative impact on the rankings.

Step #8: Product Stock Availability

It is significant to make sure that your product never runs “out of stock,” as this can make you lose a huge amount of rankings.

  •  On the one hand, if you are using Fulfillment Method or Amazon FBA, you can set reminders automatically to notify you whenever your product inventory hits a particular level where you have to restock.
  • On the other hand, if you are selling your product on various websites, utilize multi channel sync platforms to assist you to synchronize your inventory so that they never fall at zero. However, if Amazon is your only marketplace, you can use standalone stock management platforms.

Major Learnings

In conclusion, if you want to improve your product ranking on Amazon you have to optimize your product listing correctly so that you will get your product’s desirability and discoverability close to 80%. But this doesn’t end here. You need to keep up with the trends, algorithm updates, and ongoing optimization is equally necessary to remain in the top results. After going through this post, you now should have acquired a strong knowledge of how the Amazon A9 algorithm works and how to optimize so that your listing gains visibility at the marketplace. If even after this post, you are still finding it hard to understand, do not worry, you can contact us and we will help you keep all your listings on track so that you start having a increase in sales.

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