optimize time on amazon advertising

How do you actually make sure you are optimizing your time spend on Advertising on Amazon?

In today’s blog, we will be talking about ways to make the most of your time spend on running Amazon Ads Campaigns.

This is why we have gathered up some suggestions for you:

1. The key to keyword-driven headline search ads

Amazon Headline Search Ads are driven by keywords. These are Amazon targeted ads, based on the strategies of keyword targeting. To do this, the brand will need to pick the top keywords for the product.

The most common way to do this, would be to either use an Amazon keyword tool from the AMS Sponsored Products campaign or, to use other keyword research tools. When you launch a Headline Search Ad campaign, you should have your main keywords ready beforehand.

You should always try to find the best-targeted keywords.

Normally, the highest traffic keywords will also have the highest bids. So, the key here, is to pick keywords with higher niche and less traffic for your brand to optimize keywords more efficiently.

2. Create headlines with headline search ads

A headline search ad can feature :

  • Three related ASINs (typically your top selling products)
  • The brand’s logo ( where you show your brand)
  • The brand’s own headlines (the more creative the headline, the more clicks)

Have in mind the top-selling products to feature in the headline search ad when you’re in the process of choosing products to feature and group them. Grouping, is going to convert into more sales. Shoppers might buy three products that you grouped in one purchase when they actually were just looking for one. Hence, grouping works better for related products or products of the same brand.

The Headline Search Ad lets you change the order in which the different products are displayed. You can try to mix and match the order, yet making sure the three are always your top-selling products. 

However, there still are other ways to customise your Headline Search Ad for Amazon marketing:

3. Custom headlines and images

This is where your brand can test the perfect ad copy for the best headline.For those who aren’t clear on the concept, a headline is a catchy phrase that makes you stand out from the rest. Think of your brand’s value proposition when you’re writing a headline.The more unusual the headline, the better.

This is also where the logo for your brand will be placed, and any persuading image. We need to take into account images since they what mobile users will usually only see a main display.

4. Custom URLs for landing pages

One of the newest Amazon updates is that it allows you to build custom landing pages for the top-selling products on the Headline Search Ad.

5. Custom URLs for Store

Amazon now provides shoppers with a unique experience for your brand. Amazon lays out custom templates and a custom URL for your Store, which is basically your brand page.

Hence, you can customize the Headline Search Ads using this strategies yet not forgetting to make sure to create highly significant campaigns.

On top of that, you could speak directly to your brand’s target audience by using “pain points” words that specifically solves the shopper’s needs. You can also provide the ‘why’ to your brand’s vision and mission.

Also, make sure you tell and show the Amazon shopper why your brand is better or different from the competition.If you do this,you will run a successful Amazon advertising campaign by basically talking to the audience with a persuasive ad copy.

Make sure you are always testing and experimenting by constantly doing keyword research and testing the keywords. Try to have an ongoing relationship with constant research and constant testing. In fact, Amazon allows you to test your headline search ad for two weeks. Last but not least, there are some other options such as changing one variable at a time and setting up different campaigns to run at the same time. 

Great! if you are reading this, it means you are most likely ready to run your own Amazon Sponsored Products or Headline Search Ad! 

Now give it a go and if you have any question, leave it on the comments section below and we will answer!

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