If you want to Rank your products in the first page have a look to this 5 Amazon Hacks, understanding these strategies and techniques you will improve your knowledge about Amazon and online business. 

Ultimate Amazon HACKS

#1 | Delete Negative Feedback

One of the firsts Amazon Hacks is about delete some negative feedback,  a lot of people doesn’t know about it.

In Amazon, the feedback to sellers is called “Seller Feedback” and the reviews on products are called “Reviews

You need to differentiate between these two concepts because they are very important and the key to understanding how to manage your account and the parameters that Amazon considers important when it comes to keeping your account open or closing it if they consider it necessary.

A lot of Amazon users look at seller’s evaluation before buying the product. Maybe there are 3 different sellers with the same price and shipment procedure. Customer always want to choose the best option and “seller evaluation” is one of the key factors that a client will take into account in order to decide which seller they are buying from.

This is where this hack is putted into practice. Seller’s reviews are so important that we need to look at our own “seller feedbacks” constantly, trying to reach at least 3 stars (less than 3 stars is considered very negative).

Seller’s review may help giving information about their efficiency answering any questions in a fast and correct way. It may give also information about shipment issues or delays.

In “seller feedbacks” you cannot comment on any specific product or parameter: Comments like “I liked it or I did not like it, the product was not what I expected“, “it was red instead of green “,” was bigger than what I needed and that’s why I asked for the return ” are “product reviews” and are not allowed to be in seller feedback.

In that cases, we can contact to amazon opening a case in order to delete it explaining something similar to: “please eliminate this valuation because it is not related to us as a seller, it is a product review“.

#2 | Win the Buy Box

This is the second option in the listing in our Amazon Hacks

Amazon uses a complex and secret algorithm to determine which vendor offers the best price and customer service. After that, they give the Buy Box. If you know how to win it, your earning potential on Amazon instantly increase.

It is vital to understand all the aspects of how it is granted. Amazon has a strict set of performance standards that sellers must follow. Sellers must detect and improve the aspects that have the most influence. Those who strive to improve customer service at Amazon have the best results. Have a look this 4 tips:

  1. Your product must have the same ASIN as the listing you want to be featured on.
  2. Check if your shipping performance is full optimize and if not, improve these options:
  • Improve your Order Defect Rate (how many orders are cancelled, returned, shipped improperly or get negative feedback for any reason)
  • Improve your Perfect Order Percentage (how many orders go perfectly smoothly without any customer intervention)
  1. The pricing is one the most important point, you should be competitive. What you can do is lower your price, offer to sell and ship it for one cent less than competitors
  • Lowering the price is certainly a good strategy to rank higher but it is not always a good long-term business strategy!
  1. Use FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)– Amazon will always position your products better if you use their services and your customers get the benefits of Amazon Prime or Premium: free shipping and returns, express delivery, etc…

#3 | Commission in Amazon Affiliate

Create an Amazon link Affiliates directly to the shopping cart manually

First of all we have to ask ourselves this question: Is it legal to create an Amazon Affiliate link directly to the shopping cart?

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