Best alternative to Advigator

Advigator vs Epinium

Best alternative to Advigator

In the competitive Amazon marketing world, choosing the right tool makes a difference in campaign success. While Advigator focuses on AmazonAds, offering specialized ad management, Epinium understands that Amazon success goes beyond ads. Our platform not only embraces AmazonAds but strategically integrates SEO and PPC, key for a dominant Amazon presence. By enhancing conversion rates through optimized SEO, your products not only grab attention but maintain a prominent position. Epinium turns your ad spend into a catalyst for long-term success, laying a solid foundation for organic growth and profitability.

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In your quest for the best Amazon selling software, comparing Advigator with Epinium.

Advigator excels in automating Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, aimed at simplifying ad management and boosting sales through strategic bid adjustments and keyword analytics. This focus on PPC efficiency is tailored for sellers looking to enhance product visibility with minimal effort.

Epinium, on the other hand, provides an all-encompassing approach with features like SEO audits, listing optimization, advertising tracking and analysis, and Amazon Ads campaign automation. Its unique selling points include customized FBA stock forecasting and a comprehensive data history, alongside native Italy support, making it an appealing choice for those seeking thorough marketplace management in their language.

Key benefits Amazon Software

  • Advigator
  • Epinium
  • Amazon Ads Advanced Partner: Just like Epinium, it's a recognized advanced partner with Amazon Ads.
  • Literal KW Translations: Applies direct translations for campaigns across different countries.
  • Automated Bid Strategy​: Employs an automated method to increase or decrease bids.
  • Focus on Amazon Ads​: Specializes exclusively in Amazon advertising, suitable for those looking to focus on PPC.
  • Amazon Ads Advanced Partner: Also acknowledged as an advanced partner of Amazon Ads, matching Advigator.
  • Individual KW Research by Territory: Conducts keyword research specific to each local market.
  • Manual Bid Strategy​: Uses manual bidding strategies based on the performance of the past 14 days.
  • Campaign Migration​: Enables automation of existing campaigns by leveraging their history.
  • SEO and PPC Integration​: Provides an integrated Amazon marketing strategy combining SEO and PPC advertising.
  • Broad Compatibility: ​Integrates with Amazon Seller, Vendor, and Amazon Ads.
  • Access to Amazon Brand Analytics​: Uses data to anticipate search trends and competitive insights.
  • Listings Optimization via API​: Allows for optimizing and updating listings directly through an API in Seller Central or Vendor Central.
  • Listings Control​: Manages changes in listings, including those rejected by Amazon or altered by distributors.
  • FBA Stock Forecasting​: Assists with inventory management and improves the performance of the Index Performance Inventory (IPI) for operational efficiency and storage cost savings.





Amazon Ads Advanced Partner
Campaign automation via AI
SEO Audit
Automated Bid Strategy
Modifications without using files
Integration with marketplaces
Manual Bid Strategy Based on Performance
Catalogue monitoring
Massive changes
Keyword Translation
Uses AI for Listings Optimization
Campaign Migration for Automation
Integration of multiple Seller or Vendor accounts
Working with multiple users at the same time
Amazon Ads Consulting in English
24/7 support in English and Spanish
Buybox checker
Amazon Ads historical data storage
Integrates Ads and SEO
Listing optimisation with ChatGPT
Keyword Research Per Territory
Integration with Amazon Seller, Vendor, and Ads
Access to Amazon Brand Analytics
Listings Optimization from Platform
Complete Control Over Listings
FBA Stock Forecasting

Epinium's most important features

Massive SEO

Optimization with AI

Optimization for all markets in one click!

Select multiple products and choose which fields you want to optimize. Review and accept the proposed changes and upload your updates to Amazon in seconds.

Individual SEO


Boost your Amazon sales with Artificial Intelligence and Epinium!

Can you imagine having a virtual assistant that optimizes your product listings in multiple languages with the most relevant keywords per market at the moment?

It has +30 sources of product data, with the most relevant KW, Multi-language, in just one click and Optimization in seconds.

Automatically reduce bids on non-performing keywords or products with low inventory.

Optimize your Amazon Ads ad campaigns efficiently and get better results with our Amazon Vendor Software solution.

Monitor Amazon Vendor KPIs

By Account, Country, Brand or ASIN

Start your workday with an Amazon Vendor dashboard designed for your success.

Take advantage of it to spot trends and report positive or negative deviation of KPI’s to your team, providing data and graphs on the profitability of your Amazon Vendor account.

This Dashboard has the following metrics:

  • Revenue sell out Amazon Vendor.
  • Revenue source: Organic vs Ads (segmented by type of advertising).
  • Best Seller Rank: Evolution of SEO positioning by country.
  • Tacos: Ad spend vs. total revenue.
  • Sessions to your detail pages
  • Conversion Rate: Percentage of users who access your product page and convert.

Get an SEO Audit

from your Amazon Vendor account

Get an SEO audit of your entire account. Epinium takes care of scanning all your ASINs and detecting SEO improvements so you can increase your organic visibility and consequently your sales. We are based on the criteria imposed by Amazon called “Retail Readines”. If you don’t want to improve your listing it’s because you don’t want…

Avoid files and

position your products faster

Individual or mass modifications without having to enter the product file in Amazon Vendor Central or upload a file. Everything from Epinium and sent via API to Vendor Central. Optimisation of all editable fields: titles, bullet points, descriptions, back-end search terms.

Create Smart Campaigns

automated via Artificial Intelligence

  • Bid optimisation based on keyword performance
  • Bid optimisation based on product segmentation performance
  • Converting search terms into keywords.
  • Performance-based allocation of search terms in the different ad groups and campaigns.
  • Negatisation of search terms in relevant ad groups to obtain new search terms.
  • Budget balancing across the 4 campaigns with the medium-term goal of allocating the budget to the performance campaign.

Take advantage of graphics to

report to your team or client

Data is gold in digital business. Epinium has developed an analytics section so that you can visualise the different Amazon Ads scenarios as quickly as possible.

View performance by:

  • Seller and/or Vendor accounts
  • Date ranges
  • Performance KPI’s
  • By country or cumulative
  • By portfolio or portfolio
  • Campaign view, ad groups
  • Product segmentations
  • Keywords
  • Products advertised

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