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Pivot Retail, manufacturers selling as Amazon Sellers, faced the challenge of improving their operational efficiency and sales results on Amazon. Traditionally reliant on manual processes and the use of Seller Central, Pivot Retail sought to innovate by incorporating artificial intelligence into their daily operations.

The challenge

Faced with increasing demand and the complexity of effectively managing hundreds of listings across multiple markets where they have a presence, Pivot Retail needed a solution that would not only streamline their processes but also significantly improve the performance of their listings on Amazon.

The solution

Oriol and his team identified the opportunity to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their work methodologies by partnering with Epinium. This collaboration enabled Pivot Retail to advance at an accelerated pace, efficiently and effectively optimizing hundreds of listings for various markets. Epinium’s AI took charge of conducting market-specific local SEO research for each product listing, ensuring precise optimization tailored to the peculiarities of each region.

The results

AI integration radically transformed Pivot Retail’s approach and results:
  • Advanced SEO Optimisation: SEO optimisation was achieved for hundreds of listings in multiple markets, tailoring each to local requirements and particularities.
  • Improved Best Seller Rank: Optimised products experienced significant improvements in their position in the Best Seller Rankings in all markets where they operate.
  • Increased Traffic: Thanks to the improved SEO ranking for the main keywords of the products, there was a noticeable increase in traffic to the listings. x4.3
  • Increased Conversion Rate: The implementation of AI-optimised strategies led to an impressive increase in conversion rate, reaching up to 17.32% on managed listings.

We use Epinium every day, both to monitor the status of all our ASINs across all marketplaces and to improve our SEO very productively. It's an indispensable tool that allows us to manage a much larger catalog than we could have ever imagined. Worth every penny. Pros: The enormous amount of working hours we save thanks to Epinium is invaluable. We wouldn't even consider certain projects without Epinium.

Oriol Penya
eCommerce | Organic Beauty Brands | FBA Enthusiast

The conclusion

Motivated by the results obtained, Pivot Retail plans to expand its collaboration with Epinium to incorporate AI-driven PPC strategies. This approach not only aims to consolidate the achievements to date but also to enhance the sales results and visibility of products on Amazon, marking the beginning of a new era of efficiency and success in e-commerce.

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