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Picsil Sport

Picsil Sport has established itself as a benchmark in the sports sector, offering high quality equipment and accessories for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its significant presence on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality, positioning itself as a brand of choice for consumers looking for trusted sports products.

The challenge

The main challenge facing Picsil Sport centered on its need to integrate advanced technologies, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), into its digital marketing strategy on Amazon.
With a very experienced team and the need to focus on strategy and derive mechanical optimization tasks to AI to continue scaling the business. This is when they came across Epinium, Amazon Software for Sellers and Vendors with Artificial Intelligence.
Despite being a recognized leader in the sports sector on e-commerce platforms, Picsil Sport was looking to improve its presence and performance on Amazon.

The solution

To strengthen its market position and optimise its presence on Amazon, Picsil Sport partnered with Epinium, implementing an advanced AI strategy for SEO listing management and PPC campaign automation. This collaboration focused on:
  • SEO Optimisation with AI: Improving organic ranking by using keywords with high search volumes per market by doing an independent KW study and achieving higher visibility while increasing the conversion rate of their listings.
  • Sponsored Ads strategy with AI: Development and implementation of a sponsored ads strategy based on AI, focused on improving segmentation and positioning against competitors in European and American markets.  Thanks to AI, semantic and long tail keywords were targeted, which allowed us to reduce the CPC and increase the visibility of Picsil Sport’s products.
In addition, the AI has found sales opportunities in its competitors, betting on appearing in the listings of direct competition and becoming the traffic drain of its competitors and allowing it to gain market share.

The results

The partnership between Picsil Sport and Epinium generated remarkable results, most notably:
  • ACOS reduced by 19 percentage points: Increased efficiency in ad spend.
  • CPC halved: Lower costs in PPC campaigns, allowing for more strategic advertising investment.
  • Increased CTR by 1 percentage point: Improved ad relevance and attractiveness.
  • CVR maintained at 14%: Evidence of effectiveness and conversion quality despite strategic changes.

The conclusion

Thanks to the AI strategy implemented by Epinium, Picsil Sport not only improved its visibility and efficiency on Amazon, but also strengthened its competitive position in the sports sector, gaining market share in the United States, Mexico, Canada and improving sales and profitability in Europe. The collaboration has been a clear example of how technological innovation and digital marketing strategies can drive growth and success in the competitive e-commerce market.

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