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Marche Web Marketing

Marche Web Marketing, a preeminent Amazon marketing agency in Italy, has integrated Epinium’s AI-driven software to enhance the brand management strategies on Amazon. By leveraging Epinium’s advanced SEO optimization and automated PPC management capabilities, the agency was able to transition repetitive tasks such as keyword research, content creation, and PPC bid adjustments to the AI system. This shift has enabled the analytical team to focus on high-level strategic initiatives, market analysis, and comprehensive 360-degree strategy development.

Project Objectives

The primary objective for Marche Web Marketing was to augment the market presence and sales volumes for the client brand, Samsara, within the highly competitive Italian sectors of “giardino e giardinaggio” and “terra terricci e pacciami terra di giardinaggio.” The specific targets were to achieve an Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) of around 30%, enhance the Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CVR), and elevate organic sales performance metrics.

Implementation of Epinium AI Solutions

  • AI-Driven Listing Optimization: Utilizing Epinium’s AI algorithms, product listings for Samsara were dynamically optimized, encompassing enhancements in product titles, descriptions, and backend search terms to boost SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings and visibility on Amazon.
  • Automated PPC Campaign Management: The AI capabilities of Epinium were harnessed to streamline and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns. This involved sophisticated algorithmic adjustments to bids, search terms refinement, placement strategies, and budget allocations tailored to different lifecycle stages of the product catalog.

Technical Analysis of Key Performance Outcomes

Let’s dive into a more granular technical analysis of Samsara’s performance metrics after implementing Epinium AI solutions:

Sales Volume Increase (2.8x Monthly)

  • Analysis: A significant monthly sales increase by 2.8 times demonstrates the effectiveness of listing optimizations and PPC management. This metric indicates that the product visibility and relevance to search queries are closely aligned with buyer intent, driving higher conversions.
  • Technical Implications: This suggests that the AI has accurately identified high-value search terms and optimized listings for better ranking on Amazon’s SERP. Conversion rate optimization (CR) likely leveraged A/B testing of images, descriptions, and bullet points to enhance product relevance and appeal.

Session Growth (from 112k to 132k Monthly)

  • Analysis: The increase in monthly sessions indicates greater traffic traction, likely through improved organic rankings and more efficient PPC campaigns. This growth may also be attributed to an increase in the quality and quantity of indexed keywords.
  • Technical Implications: SEO techniques on Amazon, such as backend keyword optimization and content quality enhancements, are crucial here. Additionally, the increment could result from optimized PPC spend on high-traffic keywords that improved product visibility.

Conversion Rate Improvement (from 2.32% to 4.08%)

  • Analysis: Doubling the conversion rate indicates a more effective alignment between customer expectations and product presentation. This directly reflects the quality of traffic and the product detail page’s effectiveness in converting visits into sales.
  • Technical Implications: This is a clear indicator that listing optimizations have significantly improved in terms of both SEO and the effectiveness of the product’s visual and textual presentation. It also suggests efficient targeting in PPC campaigns and possible enhancements in managing reviews and FAQs to increase consumer trust.

TACoS Reduction (27% Decrease

  • Analysis: The decrease in Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACoS) demonstrates improved advertising efficiency, where the advertising cost is a smaller portion of total generated revenue. This suggests that increased sales are not disproportionately driven by an increase in advertising spend.
  • Technical Implications: This outcome is crucial for evaluating Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Improving TACoS implies that the Epinium’s bid optimization strategy has been effective in cutting unnecessary costs and focusing on higher-value conversions, likely through enhancing keyword quality and dynamic bid adjustments based on performance.

General Implications and Future Strategies

The technical analysis of these metrics suggests that the AI implementation for PPC and SEO management on Amazon has been highly successful for Marche Web Marketing. Future strategies should continue to leverage AI technology to further optimize campaigns and explore new product categories. Additionally, deepening the customization of customer journeys and user experiences could lead to further improvements in CR and sustained growth in organic sales.

Analysis and Strategic Recommendations

The integration of Epinium’s AI technology facilitated a transformative change in operational efficiency and campaign performance for Samsara. The automation of key PPC components and listing optimization allowed the Marche Web Marketing team to deploy more resources towards strategic market expansion and nuanced campaign analysis.

Recommendations for future strategy include:

  • Expansion of AI Utilization: Further leverage AI capabilities to penetrate new product categories and explore additional international marketplaces.
  • Enhanced PPC Personalization: Develop more granular PPC strategies that cater to the unique characteristics of different product segments to optimize spend and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Continuous AI Optimization: Regularly update the AI’s learning parameters to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behavior patterns.

This case study underscores the critical role of AI in streamlining eCommerce marketing strategies on platforms like Amazon, where competitive dynamics require rapid and data-driven decision-making processes.


I've been using Epinium for over a year now. In my particular case, it has completely revolutionized the way I manage inventory, both for FBA replenishment and for supply management. With the 30/60 day forecasts, I can avoid missing any sales opportunities by optimizing inventory levels without higher storage costs. Another significant benefit, now well-established, is the management of intelligent campaigns and their automatic optimization, which allows me to maintain an excellent level of advertising campaigns with returns appreciated by our clients. This is enabling us to scale our business and our clients' businesses more quickly.

Tommaso Mea
Amazon Account Manager en Marche Web Marketing

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