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Forega, an Amazon seller, faced the challenge of improving its sales performance and product visibility in a highly competitive market. Implementing Epinium’s Artificial Intelligence in their Amazon Ads and SEO strategies has radically transformed their marketing approach, leading to significant improvements in CTR, Conversion Rate, ACOS, and more. This case highlights how technological innovation can be a game-changer in the online sales ecosystem.

The challenge

As an active seller on Amazon, Forega sought ways to enhance its sales performance and product visibility. Despite using Amazon Ads, the outcomes were suboptimal, and competition was beginning to gain an edge. The need for a solution that not only optimized advertising campaigns but also improved keyword indexing and organic performance became increasingly clear.

The objectives

  • Optimize Amazon Ads campaigns to enhance visibility and conversion.
  • Improve relevant keyword indexing to increase organic traffic.
  • Implement a scalable solution that automated optimization based on precise data.

The solution

Epinium, with its advanced AI platform for Amazon Ads and SEO, was the solution chosen by Forega. Epinium’s software enabled:

  • Amazon Ads Automation: Real-time adjustments to advertising campaigns based on data analysis, optimizing CTR and Conversion Rate.
  • Amazon SEO Improvement: Generation and creation of optimized listings to enhance keyword indexing and organic visibility.
  • Performance Analysis: Tools to measure the direct impact of Ads strategies on organic performance, allowing strategic adjustments based on data.

The results

Implementing Epinium’s AI led Forega to achieve:

  • Improved CTR from 0.23 to 0.31.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rate in Ads from 1.3 to 4.2.
  • Reduced ACOS from 29% to 16.52%.
  • Total billing increased by 2.2x.
  • TACOS reduced from 12.7% to 6.2%.
  • Total account CVR increased from 1.83% to 4.71%.
  • A significant milestone: more organic income than paid for the first time.

The conclusion

Partnering with Epinium has enabled Forega to overcome Amazon marketplace challenges, underscoring the importance of AI technology in digital marketing strategy. Epinium’s ability to automate and optimize based on precise data analysis has been crucial for improving both paid and organic results for Forega.

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