Epinium, PPC Software on Amazon with AI, achieves a drop in ACOS for DragonFish Nebula through AI-powered automation of Amazon Ads.










The challenge

Dragonfish Nebula, a benchmark in the toy industry, was faced with a challenge that demanded innovative solutions. Several campaigns were exhausting their budgets prematurely, resulting in missed opportunities for substantial revenue generation. Working closely with Epinium, its technology partner, PPC software on Amazon with AI, DragonFish Nebula sought to solve this problem.

The solution

Through its partnership with Epinium, Dragonfish Nebula implemented advanced strategies to optimise its campaigns:
  • Automated bidding based on historical performance: Dragonfish Nebula used advanced algorithms to automatically adjust bids based on historical campaign performance, ensuring bids were competitive and profitable.
  • 4-campaign funnel creation: A funnel system was established comprising four interconnected campaigns, from the discovery phase (top funnel), through consideration (medium funnel), to performance (bottom funnel). This structure allows the potential customer to be guided through the buying decision process, optimising conversion at each stage.
  • Amazon search placement optimisation: Work was carried out to optimise the placement of ads on Amazon, differentiating between top results, other results and product pages. This strategy ensured that Dragonfish Nebula ads were visible in the most strategic and relevant locations.

The results

The implementation of these advanced strategies yielded promising results, particularly benefiting categories with limited budgets:
  • Increased ROAS: A significant 56% increase in Return on Ad Investment (ROAS) was observed.
  • Reduced CPC: Cost Per Click decreased by 8%.
One of the most notable achievements was the notable increase in impressions, which increased by 293.5%. This increase indicates greater visibility and reach for Dragonfish Nebula ads. This increased visibility translated directly into a significant increase in units sold, which grew by 282.3%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaigns in converting impressions into actual sales.

As an Epinium user, I can affirm that this software has been a crucial tool for the success of our advertising campaigns on Amazon Spain. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have allowed us to optimize our marketing strategies, achieving a significant increase in the visibility of our products. Epinium's ability to analyze and adjust ads in real-time based on performance has enabled us to maximize ROI and achieve our business goals more effectively. Without a doubt, I recommend Epinium to any seller aspiring to improve their presence on Amazon.

Edgar Alvarez
Head eCommerce Amazon Vendor en BANDAI Entertainment Europe

The conclusion

Thanks to Epinium’s advanced capabilities, Dragonfish Nebula was able to maximise its advertising spend and achieve outstanding results. The strategies implemented ensured that the campaigns were more effective and profitable, leading Dragonfish Nebula to a stronger position in the Amazon marketplace. In addition, with these actions, Dragonfish Nebula was able to rank for important keywords on the product line in campaigns, achieving a privileged position in the top sellers of its category in Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

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