Amazon has introduced the Sponsored Brands Video tool to excel in purchase results, both on desktop and mobile devices. The goal is to increase the visibility of your brand and products while customers shop on the Amazon platform.

Advertising structure

Sponsored Brands new Video method has a clear and concise aesthetic. That will help potential customers choose your brand or product. The structure has the following elements:

  • Product details: The main image of the product is displayed along with its corresponding information on the detail page; title, review count, star rating, price, and finally, Prime eligibility.
  • Video: The video will be played automatically when it occupies 50% of the device screen.
  • Mute button: The button is located in the lower right part of the video in order to control and adapt the audio playback. Audio is disabled by default and customers decide when to use it. In case the video does not have audio, the mute symbol will not appear on the screen.


Recommended practices


First of all, we recommend adding text to the screens of those videos that rely on audio to express the message of the product. We must anticipate and take into account that the video can be seen from small screens.

Use Helvetica typeface or another similar one from the Sans-serif family with a minimum size of 80px that will guarantee comfortable reading from any screen.

Moreover, put the white text on a black background with 80% opacity to ensure readability. You must confirm that the text does not protrude from the template of the safe area, that is, the space available to add your advertising elements.


Creative instructions 


  • Know your audience: content focused on the product, as well as educational and demonstrative.
  • Show the product: videos with products that appear prominently in the first second perform better. Make sure to attract consumers with an empty frame or a gradual appearance against a black background.
  • Brief and focused: the duration should be between 15 and 30 seconds to convey the message and keep the customer’s attention.
  • Optimize according to the format: the message of the product must reach the consumer without depending on the sound, therefore, the text on the screen is essential for its correct understanding. Be careful with its readability on devices with reduced screens.
  • Keep in mind the loop playback: when the video ends it plays automatically. Adding a final card or looking for a creative idea so that the loop does not stop repeating itself is a good option.


Most common acceptance criteria and reasons for rejection 

Videos must meet a series of criteria, those that do not meet the specifications will be rejected by the moderation team.


  • The content that appears on the screen cannot obstruct the user interface, to ensure compliance with this guideline we recommend downloading the secure area template.
  • The text must be legible and a minimum of 30pts.
  • Letterboxing / Pillarboxing, videos cannot have black bars on either side of the content.
  • Correspondence with the language and place of transmission, in addition to being clear with the product and brand that is advertised.

As for the most common reasons for rejection, we find the following:


  • Black or empty frames at the beginning or end of the video.
  • Abrupt edits that result in incomplete video and bad customer experiences.
  • Trademarks, products, or references to Amazon products or services are prohibited.
  • Adding customer reviews to the video is not allowed, even if they appear on the Amazon platform.


How to start?

Finally, you will find the “Video” option in choosing the format of your Sponsored Brands campaign.

Please note that all Sponsored Brands video campaigns are subject to Amazon’s Sponsored Ad Creative Acceptance Policy.

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