We are very happy to share with the whole community the last prize: UPFEmpren 2016. It is a recognition to the students and ex-students under 30 that a company with a high growth potential was created. The prize was endowed with an economic contribution of € 10,000, but above this also we have advanced a further level of motivation for what they are doing for over 1 year.

The following media have echoed the news:

La Vanguardia: http://www.lavanguardia.com/economia/innovacion/20161130/412280982987/epinium-upf-empren-2016-plataforma-opiniones-productos-tecnologicos.html

El economista: http://ecoaula.eleconomista.es/ecoaula-emprendedores/noticias/7984649/11/16/Premios-UPF-Emprn-a-una-cooperativa-de-servicios-para-gente-mayor-y-a-una-plataforma-de-analisis-de-opiniones-de-usuarios-sobre-tecnologia.html

Pompeu Fabra: https://www.upf.edu/ca/web/e-noticies/categories/-/asset_publisher/wEpPxsVRD6Vt/content/id/6789495#.WEBQH-bhBhE

From all the Epinium team we want to thank the Pompeu Fabra Social Council!


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