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In this article, we will start, first, by talking about the basics of amazon advertising, then we will  be talking about  how to do Amazon advertising campaign report, in order to track the results.

Who has never visited the Amazon site? An essential e-commerce platform, it is however often neglected in favor of better known advertising interfaces like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

However, Amazon Advertising is destined to become an increasingly important player, deserving to be included in the web marketing strategies of companies that want to increase their brand awareness and especially their sales.

How does Amazon Sellers and Amazon Brands build their amazon advertising campaigns report?

Once you are connected to the central amazon seller platform, it’s time to bring your web marketing strategy to life.

The format of Amazon ads is different from that of Google Ads, but it is useful to know how to create an effective text or display an ad on it, to be able to apply the same principles by adapting them, from the title of your product to the content of the landing page, which must be convincing and detailed enough to lead to the purchase.

The purpose of your ads is to catch the eye and get clicks. However, on Amazon, there is everything. How many times have you been on a product page because you clicked on a result without really knowing if it really matched what you were looking for? To avoid this, it is necessary to put as much information as possible in the titles.

Suppose you have ads for bottles of essential oils. A user will want to know from the title of what type of essential oil it is, whether the product is sold by unit or  in bulk, the capacity and so on. This applies to all your product sheets, whether you sponsor them or not. Below are two examples of ads, one complete, the other one not so complete.

How does Amazon Sellers and Amazon Brands do their amazon advertising campaign report?

It is essential to monitor the performance of your campaigns from the start to see how the market reacts and to be able to adjust your situation. Do not hesitate to test several things, because this is how you will find out what works best. When you advertise on Amazon, the interface also recommends doing 5 campaigns in the first weeks of launch, but it depends of course on your product catalog and your budget.

You need to always continue to exclude irrelevant keywords that you find in user search terms. You can download reports to check them for maximum qualified clicks and reduce unnecessary spending.


Also, if you haven’t already done so, don’t hesitate to look at what the competition is doing. Adjust your bids, monitor your cost per click, analyze your results, in short, manage your campaigns and above all, don’t leave them abandoned. You should check your account regularly to make sure everything is fine.

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