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We already know that Brexit has caused quite a bit of caos, but as every time some situations change, the important thing is to search and find a solution. At Amazon, for example, they have revised how can you manage correctly your inventory through a separate managemeny for the inventory for UK and how to measure the inventory performance index.

In this case, if you sell both in the UK and the European Union you can manage your inventory separately in “Excess Inventory Management” and “Inventory Aging” where you can do the following:

  • Optimize your inventory for the Holiday season.
  • Avoid long-term storage fees.
  • Identify ASINs that have no inventory for a period of 30 to 60 days to cover sales.
  • Take immediate action on excess inventory.

Inventory management that does not affect performance

Inventory management is very important so that inventory performance remains constant and high. Now, from Seller Central the inventory performance index with reference to the United Kingdom and the European Union is not yet separated, Amazon says it will communicate when this change will be made.

Tips on Inventory Performance Index:

  • Keep enough inventory to manage your sales for 30 to 60 days and thus avoid excess stock.
  • To avoid long-term storage fees, take action at least 60 days before your inventory reaches 365 days old.
  • Prioritize the removal or reduction of excess inventory.

From Epinium

How can you manage correctly your Inventory from Epinium? It’s easy, you can manage your FBA stock by selecting the account that interests you, the country of destination and the season.

From Epinium’s stock forecast section, you can generate a stock forecast with quantities that best suit your account based on demand. In this way, you will minimize your storage costs in the Marketplace. Additionally, you will have the option of applying a minimum stock, also known as a safety stock. And finally, check the products with excess stock or see the products without stock to send. The advantage is that you can have all your stored stock under control from the same platform much faster.

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