In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key fundamental concepts of Amazon SEO optimization. Sellers can optimize their Amazon SEO in this way:

  1. Search on Amazon for the keywords with the highest-volume search.
  2. Determine what  are the ones with most search terms for your product .
  3. Go through the results and when you find your product, go to the detail page. 
  4. Now you should buy your product and do the same process over and over again.

These concepts , are basically the 4 fundamentals of Amazon SEO, and how much  this resonates with your brand will very much depend on your agreements with Amazon, your product’s cost structure and how fast you can get your products back into inventory.

To apply this, we gathered up the best two options:

The first option is recommended to only be applied if your current rank is very low. And so, what you need to do is, instead of buying a lot of your product, buy just enough to increase your ranking by a somewhat significant amount.

The second option is, to do this big amount on one single day, which converts into a great boost in sales rank and probably taking  you to the bestsellers list. 

On top of this, you  should also need to optimize three contents: listing optimization, title and bullet points optimization, which involves the following:

1. Title optimization

It is the most important part of the title listing optimization and will directly influence your product’s performance in search results. So, according to Amazon guidelines, the title should contain the following elements:

  • Brand
  • Product line
  • Material/ key features
  • Product type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Package/quantity

2. Bullet points optimization

Bullet points do not directly affect the ranking of search results, but they do affect the results in terms of conversion rate and product relevance. The main concept of listing bullets is to  show the features and benefits of the product. Also, the keywords used in the title should be mentioned again in the bullet point with the help of the keyword tool to find some similar keywords and use them to improve your description. On top of that, it is recommended that you mention the products that your product matches with in the bullet points since it will also boost your search rankings. Lot of sellers will mention warranty terms in the bullet points, yet the best way to do so, is to  actually test a few more versions and combine them to a actually see which one converts better.

3.Optimization of Product Conversion Rate

  • Sales are the key. The more sales you have on a product, the higher it will be ranked.
  • Product Reviews.

4. Other optimizations

  • Join FBA: Using FBA can improve the user experience and bring more traffic and orders in.
  • Picture optimization: A high-quality picture can clearly show the product’s features to the user, which should  greatly improve the conversion rate of such product.

Overall, Amazon SEO optimization is a patient and ongoing work. Once you  have selected the products correctly and  have gone through all  the necessary steps,  you will  be ready to start creating a best seller  product. Alla these operation could be made in a faster and easier way by using our Software Epinium

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