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Amazon Belgium will open a new logistics center in Antwerp at the end of this year, allowing European sellers to increase their sales and quickly reach millions of customers.

With the opening of this new logistics center, Amazon Belgium shows a clear commitment to improving compliance and reducing waiting times.

The great opportunity offered by being present on Amazon makes it the preferred Marketplace for most sellers and the place where most people decide to make their purchases.

Why sell on Amazon Belgium?

Amazon allows you to grow your business internationally no matter where you are located. This new opening of Amazon Belgium offers the possibility of reaching more customers and operating faster with logistical options such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Amazon’s reputation

Its good reputation will allow us to access millions of customers who trust Amazon to make their purchases safely, so customers will have fewer problems during the purchase processes and they will be more fluid.

Low investment

Having a website is not necessary to start selling on Amazon, which favors a minimum initial investment.

The Amazon website is a great attraction for customers and can be used as a portal to reach millions of customers. If you have your own brand, that is, you sell as a Central Seller, you can create your own Store within Amazon.

This generates more information to the customer, who will be able to know what brand they are buying and see all the products you offer.

If you become part of Amazon’s exclusive sellers and receive the invitation to be part of Amazon Vendor, your products will be sold and shipped under Amazon’s name. This leads to increased customer confidence and therefore increased sales.

Sales generation

The option to get Amazon Prime is chosen by more than 100 million people. These buyers are loyal to the platform. To join Amazon Prime, these customers must pay an annual fee of €36 or €3.99 per month. Thus, they are customers who have Amazon as their first and only option when shopping.

On the other hand, it has a good SEO positioning in all products, so if you manage to optimize your listing correctly in order to appear in the Buy Box, your sales can increase considerably.

In this way, the profitability of your business on Amazon can be very positive and you can start achieving your first sales in just a couple of weeks.

Amazon Logistics

If you choose FBA (Fullfilment by Amazon), Amazon will do all the work for you.

They will take care of the storage, packaging, shipping, return and also offer customer service, so no matter if you sell on Amazon Belgium or any other country Amazon offers, good service is guaranteed.

What do I need to sell on Amazon Belgium?

International listings

International listings help you expand internationally by creating and updating offers from a single store. It is important to synchronize prices based on the market you are targeting. You should also consider whether your business can operate in the local language. Amazon has tools for automated translation.

From Epinium, we do not recommend this option, as it is better for the translation to be carried out by a native, so that better concordance is generated with the searches of the users of the country.

In this way you can carry out your research by countries, if you sell in more than one, which will provide you with relevant information to better position your products.

Logistics for Amazon Seller

If you want to sell on Amazon Belgium as an Amazon Seller, you have the option of hiring one of the rates offered by Amazon to sell in other countries.

With the Paneuropean program you can choose the countries yourself for Amazon to distribute and store your inventory, according to customer demand and at no additional cost.

VAT and legislation

The legislative theme is the one that generates the most concern when starting to sell in another country through Amazon. This is where, mainly, VAT comes into play.

Amazon wants to help its commercial partners (Amazon Sellers) expand their business in Europe and make VAT compliance simple and profitable.

From Central Seller, in the “Reports” section under “Manage VAT”, they provide you with a set of steps where you can confirm what your company type is, the countries in which you want to obtain the VAT number and act as an intermediary when making the necessary processing.

Complementarily, it will also provide you with information on changes in VAT regulations and regulations. All countries have their own regulation related to the sale of products.

Therefore, you must also inform yourself and take into account laws such as intellectual property law, product safety, export controls, labeling or compliance with products, are also some of them.

How to deal with internationalization on Amazon Belgium?

Whether you already have a presence in other markets or you are starting your internationalization, Epinium’s mission is to facilitate your tasks and optimize your working hours, saving you time that you can use to focus on other parts of your business.

Epinium’s platform has a set of facilities to manage your brand on Amazon.
If we talk about internationalization, the main facility is the possibility to manage all the accounts and marketplaces where you have a presence from a single platform. Where you can group markets or manage them independently, an option that Amazon does not offer.

In addition, you can also organize the entire catalog by country through an audit, thus forgetting the cumbersome uploading of files.

Other advantages are the automated campaigns, which will allow you to penetrate the market faster, since it uses AI to understand user searches and use them to improve sales performance.

Customizable graphs will also allow you to see both organic and advertising results more clearly and visibly. Epinium also recommends stock forecasts based on countries.

It recommends how much you should send to each country based on the sales performance of each product.

So, what does this new opening tell us?

Finally, if the ease of reaching millions of customers was already a reason to sell through the Amazon Marketplace.

With the opening of Amazon Belgium’s new logistics center, it is clear that Amazon Belgium intends to continue growing and improving its logistics networks to offer a unique customer service.

Amazon Belgium gives you the opportunity to reach new customers who are waiting for you and your products! Not yet an Amazon Seller, a large marketplace is waiting for you!

Save time in this process with our platform where Amazon sellers can save 60% of time optimizing product detail pages, be 50% more effective following Amazon’s Style Guidelines and increase their sales by 30%. Get a free audit and start optimizing your listings now! Take advantage of it.

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