In this blog post, we will be going through some improvements that brands could implement when selling on Amazon in order to optimize Amazon product listings.

Amazon continues to be the number one marketplace in the world. With reports confirming 150.6 million users by the end of 2019, and over 54 million members in Amazon Prime, there are a ton of opportunities to discover if you are a seller. By just making a few improvements or small changes to your business, focusing on Amazon SEO, and how to optimize Amazon product listings , it’s never been easier to make the most of the consumer.

So, here are some of the best tips for having the best product listings this year:

1. Improve your product images

We all know how big of an impact images have on people’s mind and buying decisions and how critical their role is in succeeding on Amazon. It’s technically the thing that attracts the most people to your products. A strong product image can in fact either make or break your conversions from search. 

Remember that Amazon does have certain image rules that you’ll need to stick to. However, the way you present your products sticking to those requirements, is what makes the difference. 

Potential buyers are looking for clearly visible, high-definition photos, so that would be first step to take. If you want your product and your photos to stand out, you also need to have enough diversity.

Some of the requirements for your main image is to have the product against a plain white background. In order to stand out, you’ll need to work more on your pending image slots. You should try to display at least three different photos to show different uses your product can have. People like imagining themselves using your product, but they also need a little extra creativity sometimes. Plus, it is a great way to show a part of your product that is still unknown.

2. Tell a story with your product descriptions

When you look at product listings on Amazon, it’s easy to spot similarities, particularly in the way product descriptions are presented to the user. They’re usually written to influence or persuade someone to buy and tend to list the product’s best features and specifications, all in one long single paragraph.

So, if you actually want to stand out from the competition, you need to adopt a new approach. Outline your product description as a story to give buyers more captivating reasons to buy your product instead of your competitor’s. Give clear examples of how the product can actually improve their lives or solve a problem they have. Overall, focus more on the benefits rather than on the features.

3. Implement a flexible pricing strategy

There’s no doubt that pricing plays a significant role in becoming and staying competitive on Amazon. Pricing is one of the keys to boosting both sales, brand or product exposure, turning a flexible pricing strategy into a must-have. 

However, the kind of strategy you pick will greatly depend on the stage your business is at. You can either opt for a manual, rule-based or go for an algorithmic strategy. 

Manual repricing strategy is pretty self-explanatory. You just need to change the price manually either via Amazon Seller Central or other similar platforms. This kind of repricing is very successful for sellers with only a few products to sell since it will take time to manually reprice each product one by one.

Such repricing, is based on rules and changes the price in response to a seller’s competitors. There are in fact, a number of predefined rules that can be applied, all together with the ultimate goal of having the lowest price on Amazon. This repricing method is considered by many as the way to gain the most competitive price.

4. The effect of nearly rounded up price tags

Although there are tons of studies on the power of numbers and prices in influencing the decision a buyer has made, it’s still not unusual to see products listed for 21,99€. Even if there’s absolutely nothing wrong with such pricing tricks, they are just an old strategy that customers know about. It just makes them assume that the price is a dollar lower when it actually is not. So, this overused strategy, can give customers the feeling that you are trying to trick them. 

When you sell on Amazon, what pays off is to be different.

So to differentiate your product from its competition, you should try to experiment on attractive prices that don’t use the “.99” trick. It’s actually incredible what a small number change can actually do.

5. Drive traffic with great content

Great content can send great volume of traffic to your page and your products. So if your company hasn’t already started, a great way to do so is with social media channels followed by the creation of a company website. From there, you have unlimited opportunities to show your products. These channels are also great way to actually create an audience of loyal customers.

The goal of generating and sharing such content should be to bring people in through the marketing funnel. To do so, you can start with sharing some awareness and consideration content. You should only be driving a customer to your amazon listing when they show to be ready to purchase.

As you improve this traffic and send purchase-ready customers to your Amazon listing, this will help position your products better since an increase in sales will also boost your organic rankings on Amazon in the process.

6. Make the most of Instagram

For so many years, Facebook used to be the top social media channel, yet it has now been surpassed by Instagram. Over the years, this platform has actually become the perfect online place for eCommerce businesses to catch their ideal customers’ attention.

Using your Instagram feed and the Instagram Story feature is a good way to show your products to the customer segments that are likely to buy them or have shown interests in such type of products.

Last, but not least, if your company has an Amazon FBA account, you can create a social media promo code that can be used to drive purchase-ready traffic to an Amazon landing page.You just need to go to the Promotions section where it can be properly set up. This landing page will only display your items, giving you a better chance of landing sales.

So, as you can see, optimize Amazon product listings couldn’t be much easier! just follow this few suggestions.

Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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