Amazon Consulting

More than a software

¿Do you want to sell on Amazon supported by an expert, who helps you obtain great results ?

¿Do you need help with making decisions about your Amazon business?

¿Do you not sell as much as you would like and you want to make a change?

Amazon consulting is what we offer to you

Amazon expert

You can ask our experts for an Amazon consulting. They will help you manage your account by improving its performance.

You will have the possibility of receiving a monthly or weekly consultation with your own Account Manager.

SEO optimization

According to your characteristics we will recommend to optimize your listings in order to appear in the first page of Google Research.

Implementing a SEO strategy on Amazon can make you stand out from the rest of your competitors.   

campaign creation

This is the fastest way to gain results. We will propose you a campaign strategy which brings to a better ROI.

It is necessary to detect which products should be promoted, how to make a correct distribution of the budget, to define the bids for products and to select the best placement of the ads.

Campaign analysis

We will optimize your campaigns by analyzing the most important metrics and by looking at the keywords.

You can download excel files and compare them with previous campaigns

Stock Forecast

You will be able to foresee the stock quantities that best suit your account. In this way, you will minimize storage costs.

You can choose the minimum stock to keep in the Amazon warehouse. Remember you can apply minimum stock only to products that have been sold in the period of time that interests you.


If you think that hiring an agency is out of your budget, you have come to the right place.

With our tool and Amazon consulting service you will be the main character. In this way, you will have maximum control of your Amazon account but, at the same time, we guide you with a personalized strategy thanks to our consultancies. Our software is developed to help you save time and be more efficient. Our team of experts of Amazon will help you obtain better results in the following way:

Online Meeting

Initial assessment of your account

Customized strategy

We will help you to understand how to manage your account internally

Solutions to your doubts

Suggestions on how to better manage your account

Therefore, what we offer is not a specialized agency service in Amazon, but a consultancy in Amazon and a monitoring of your account through our tool. If you want, anyway, contact Marketing Agencies specialized in Amazon, we have a list of the best agencies, click here.

Your success is our goal!
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