In today’s  blog post,  we are going to cover the new updates of Epinium 

  • You can now integrate automatically a Seller account. You just need to check if you have credentials to access the advertising API and if so, you can set the access at that moment.
  •  You can now create negative keywords in groups of automatic campaign ads.
  • Search Terms can now be added to automatic campaigns as negative keywords 
  • All of the graphics bugs have been fixed as well as bugs when editing in bulk.
  • Bugs when editing a product individually have been fixed.
  • Added Rating columns and Reviews in the table of Advertised Products 
  • Now the set up of the table columns is saved within the session. Hence, if you update the page, the configuration of the columns will continue the same.
  • A button to reset the configuration of columns has been added.
  •  Visual errors in the Recommendations section have been fixed.
  • The Cancel button when editing a product has been added.
  • Table errors have been fixed as well.

You can also check out our new tutorial !

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