black friday

German runners aren’t fooled by Black Friday “deals”

Black Friday is not only the day after Thanksgiving, but also traditionally the kick-off day for the Christmas shopping season. However, Black Friday isn’t merely a U.S. phenomenon. In fact, European retailers have implemented the idea of heavy discounts in hopes of higher sales volumes. Notably, Germany is the country on which Black Friday discounts have the lowest impact. During the last years, the concept of Black Friday has been extended to sectors as diverse as fashion, banking and tourism, however, the most successful one is still the sector of consumer electronics. But how do this kind of aggressive promotions affect specific lifestyles like those of runners in different countries? Read more

Best cooling fan of 2017

In this time of year where we are suffering so much heat, what better way to cope than with the best cooling fan.

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mejor afeitadora eléctrica

Best Electric Shaver of 2017

With these hot days, where the skin suffers a lot and you have to take special care and maintain a proper hydration, it is important to know how to choose the best electric shaver according to the needs of each person.

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mejores cámaras deportivas

Best Sports Camera of 2017

Enjoy your images in real-time with the best sports camera!

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mejor smartwatch chino

Best Chinese Smartwatch of 2017

Enjoy your best Chinese smartwatch at an affordable price! The world of smartwatches is in full revolution.

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mejores parrillas eléctricas

The Best Electric Grills of 2017

Who says that to enjoy a good barbecue, you need an outdoor terrace? Now you can enjoy a barbecue inside your house without smells or fumes with the best electric grills.

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