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Prepare your keywords

After including your external keyword research in Epinium, link your products with their keywords and organize them in groups.
This will help you to take the most of our auto optimization system.

Optimize your SEO

In Epinium, optimizing your products for SEO will be extremely intuitive and easy as you will be given different recommended practices for a perfect Amazon SEO optimization.
Organic ranking is essential for your sales!

Run your PPC campaigns

We have implemented a whole new campaign manager to help you running profitable campaigns.
Import your campaigns from your Seller Central or create new ones in Epinium, control and improve them with our tips!

Watch our benefits

Your effort and our Auto-Optimization System makes the perfect couple. Your work is the fuel our algorithm needs to make magic.
Repeat the process over and over again

All our features and facilities

A letter

Amazon Ads Campaign Manager


Dynamic Search Terms Feeding System

Our unique algorithm uses your campaign’s results to help you making decisions. All profitable keywords are automatically putted into its product search terms section ordered per importance and reliable performance.

Managing Facilities

Managing Facilities

Organize your products per tags and groups before, create campaigns faster in Epinium, duplicate old campaign’s structures, adjust bids and make decisions with clear data and useful tips.

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Content Optimization for Amazon SEO


Optimization Overview

Get actionable insights about what aspects of your content need improvements in your own performance dashboard.
Try to improve your Epinium Score!


Fast process

Include your external keyword research in Epinium and start optimizing your products. You’ll be able to edit them individually or in bulk by selecting more than 2 products. Forget about changing ASIN’s one by one and save a 60% of your time.


Auto Optimization Algorithm

Once optimized for the first time, your products will always remain optimized at the point that search terms will be automatically and constantly renewed depending on their relevance.

And even more

Easy Implementation

Complete Dashboard

1-click updates to Amazon

Specific info per product

Sales Overview per periods

Competitor’s selected info

HTML version for descriptions


To whom Epinium is ideal

30 days free trial

SEO Optimization

Listing Audit

Dynamic Keywords

Amazon Ads Management

Reporting (Beta)

Unlimited products

Up to 8 Amazon Global Marketplaces

Chat and email technical support

Non credit card required · 14 days free

Manage all your clients from a unique platform

One log in, multiple accounts

Edit and create content or campaigns across 8 different marketplaces

All features and facilities included

Non credit card required · 14 days free