How to improve Amazon SEO? It is possible if we take into account a series of practices that will help us to be well positioned on the platform. From Epinium we facilitate all these processes reducing costs and time to increase Amazon sales.




First, the title is the part of the product that will have the greatest impact on Amazon SEO. Add a full name that makes it clear to the consumer what you are selling. In additon, the more detailed the better. Likewise, make a good selection of keywords and the most relevant ones should be placed first. Moreover, our software will allow you to edit the title according to Amazon rules with a maximum of 200 characters and a recommendation of at least 100. You will also have a recommendation of keywords from campaigns with a performance indicator in active campaigns. You can add them by clicking on each one.


Product Description and Information


Secondly, work on the description of your product so that the consumer can get an idea. Include brand characteristics, benefits, values, or personality with your keywords in mind. You will need to create a description of between 1,000 and 2,000 characters. In fact, it is easier for the consumer to find you if you have specified all the characteristics of the product. With Epinium you will have an html editor to make the descriptions. In the top menu, exclusively the html options allowed by Amazon will appear to edit them with complete peace of mind. Consequently, you will find all recommended keywords.




Also you should add bullets or highlights that highlight the characteristics of the product and its benefits. We recommend including at least 5 bullets, and each one should not exceed 250 characters. With Epinium, you can edit each of the five available vignettes individually. You will have at your disposal a button to paste all the current vignettes if you wish.




A product must always be accompanied by a photograph. Typically, the image is the first thing that will catch the buyer’s attention and instill confidence. From Epinium we recommend uploading different images of the same product so that it is represented as it should.




Opinion influences purchasing decisions. To get a good position on Amazon you should have at least 15 reviews per product, and that exceeds 4 stars on average. You can launch a campaign for the sale of discounted products, which helps you generate sales and comments or be attentive to the comments left by users and follow up well.


Remember that Epinium provides Amazon tools for Sellers to increase the sales of our customers obtaining a higher ranking.


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