The All-in-One Amazon Software Top Agencies Use for Amazon marketing

The All-in-One Amazon Software Top Agencies Use for Amazon marketing

Uniquely designed for full-service Amazon marketing specialized agencies

All the features and tools you need to grow your clients’ brand, increase their sales and optimize their digital footprint

The features of the Seller Edition version are included

Global Dashboard

Check your relevant metrics of all your accounts together or filter by account, country, brand or product. You will see your performance such as:

  • FBA and FBM sales by day
  • Organic vs. Paid revenue
  • BSR tracker by country
  • Content Optimization for Amazon SEO

    Thanks to Epinium, you will save up to 80% of time improving titles, bullet points, descriptions and taking control of your catalogue.

  • Spreadsheet view
  • Edit Titles, Bullet Points and HTML Descriptions
  • Bulk edit
  • Control reviews, ratings, stock, buybox, number of sellers
  • Data export
  • Amazon Backend Keywords Auto Optimization

    Epinium is the only software that analyzes the performance of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours. Check if you are using the most potential words in titles and bullet points. Epinium automatically adds the best keywords to your Backend keywords even if you haven’t used them in the listing yet. Thanks to this feature, you can be sure that your products always have the best organic keywords.

    Amazon Ads Campaign Manager

    After optimizing your catalogue it is time to activate your campaigns.. Remember that we created the structure before so now we just need to click one button to activate the campaigns. The Campaign Manager offers the same tools as on Seller Central plus additional features to make the campaign management faster and easier.

  • Status and budget bulk edit
  • Search term to keyword manager
  • Multi-campaign creation
  • Products to advertise recommendations
  • Autopilot (Soon)
  • Amazon FBA Management

    Another feature that you can find in the Software is the FBA Stock Forecast that will help you to prepare your FBA shipments base on stock and sales forecast. This feature even gives you the chance to set up with paneuropean fulfilment and other variables.

  • Stock Forecast
  • Products to convert in FBA recommendations
  • Brands Manager

    If you check listings of the same brand on Amazon, you will see that sometimes the the brand name is spelled differently in the various countries. Epinium knows it and for that reason have built a feature to manage products between brands.

    Thousands of Brands and Agencies trust Epinium

    What do Epinium users think?

    We work with small and large brands to make their lives easier.

    Jordi Ordoñez

    Amazon Consultant

    It is impossible to calculate the hours of work that Epinium has saved me in managing customer catalogs on Amazon. I have used it to massively modify catalogs of up to 3,500 SKUs and to be able to edit titles, bullet points... and, in addition, to perform SEO audits comfortably from the same panel.

    Miriam Larrosa

    CEO Roicos Amazon Agency

    With Epinium we are able to save a lot of time editing our clients' listings thanks to its massive editor.

    Blanca Bosque

    Amazon Ads manager en Wanatop

    What I liked the most is the simplicity of the platform, it is very easy to find each of the areas and see the information in a clear way. It allows you to see at a glance what actions you have to take to improve the account, both in terms of inventory and payment campaigns. The attention from Epinium is perfect, they are always helping you in a personalized way, looking at your case..."

    Jordi Pérez

    Head Amazon Ads en Arimetrics

    As an agency managing multiple Amazon accounts, the amount of data and tasks we have to do on a daily basis is overwhelming. With Epinium we can see at a glance the problems of the accounts, where to improve, perform mass actions or extract data needed to make decisions, both in advertising and in the product catalog.

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