4 Amazon Marketing Tips to Know

At the beginning of the year, together with the start of the pandemic, there were still some eCommerce sellers who were just starting to realize the importance of Amazon advertising or Amazon PPC. There are some pretty good reasons why selling and marketing your product on Amazon can do wonders. Sellers don’t have to create

Explore PPC Amazon Campaigns

Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) is known as the best alternative to increase the sales of products published on Amazon. It is the tool that allows you to position products on the first page, attract traffic, and finally get more sales. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can increase sales and

Amazon SEO In 2020

The days where brands launched any old or a never-sold product on Amazon and then waiting for the results to come in are long gone. Rather, in a growing and stiff marketplace, Amazon keeps developing algorithms to match sellers’ products with their shoppers. Nowadays, if you’re trying to make the most of the impact of

Best Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

Nowadays, the Amazon marketplace is one of the most powerful platforms in eCommerce today. However, since the beginning of this pandemic, it has only improved in prominence and profitability for sellers.  As it stands, Amazon has seen such a boost in sales that the company has had to hire more than 75,000 employees to deal

Best Tips for a Higher ROI on Your Amazon Advertising

While Google is often regarded as the most powerful search engine in the world, nearly 47 % of shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon.   Amazon has millions of searches each month, and that number keeps growing as the company captures the increasing growth of the marketplace industry. However, consumers are not the only ones

How to Structure Your Amazon Campaigns

While ranking products on Amazon can be a challenging task, many merchants also find it hard to create great Amazon advertising campaigns. The fact of the matter is that Amazon is one of the most competitive retail platforms in the world.  As a result, sellers can find it hard to create successful Amazon PPC strategies


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