6 Ways to Optimise Your Amazon Product Listings in 2020

Amazon continues to be the number one marketplace in the world. With reports confirming 150.6 million users by the end of 2019, and over 54 million members in Amazon Prime, there are a ton of opportunities to discover if you are a seller. By just making a few improvements or small changes to your business,

How Can Sellers improve their Amazon SEO?

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key fundamental concepts to get you started with optimizing your Amazon SEO: Search on Amazon for the keywords with the highest-volume search. Determine what  are the ones with most search terms for your product . Go through the results and when you find your

Tutorial #1: How to use Epinium for Amazon SEO?

The Search engine optimization (SEO) of each product page is very important for good organic listings on Amazon. Epinium Software has many useful tools and features to optimize this process to  make you save  up on 80% of your time. In today’s tutorial, we will go through all the steps to optimize your Amazon SEO using

how to rank your products higher in amazon searches
How to Rank your products Higher in Amazon Searches?

Customers make 22% of their purchases online on Amazon. More and more Internet users are buying products online. A third of online buyers search for their products by going directly to the Amazon site, without going through Google. Therefore, brands must be visible in the organic results of the platform in order for Internet users

11 Tips to Create Powerful Product’s Descriptions in Amazon

Descriptions is one of the wildest e-commerce ever is one of the most important part, if not the most one. An attractive and well-done description will multiply your sales within a short period of time. The main protagonist of an e-commerce is, clearly, the product. At the same time, products do have 2 fundamental pillars

Burrito Blanco Success Case

Burrito Blanco is a Spanish home-textile brand that started commercializing home fabrics 60 years ago. It was not until 2013, when they started selling their products also in Amazon. Once their catalogue was uploaded, it seemed to work fine and it looked like sales were working quite correctly, although, they knew that sales could increase

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