Best Waterproof Mp3 of 2018

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Are you one of those who prefers to swim to run? A new trend has appeared: The use of aquatic Mp3 to perform sport. We show you The best Waterproof Mp3 in the market.

For some years, a type of waterproof Mp3 has been released that allows you to listen to music underwater while enjoying swimming. These devices reproduce any type of music while you practice your favorite sport and they are aquatic, you can take them to the pool or to the beach without fear that it stops working.The best waterproof Mp3 depends on different features, stay tuned to this post.

The first waterproof Mp3 came out many years ago. The first of all was the Speedo model and was a sales success but its reliability was not the best. Since that time, many brands and models have come on the market in search of being the best Waterproof Mp3 on the market.

Before we begin with the presentation of the best waterproof Mp3 and its competitors we will explain that you have to take into account for the purchase of the best waterproof Mp3. When you are looking for a submersible Mp3 you need a product that provides a sound of quality and power, a comfortable and beautiful design and other additional features:

  • Sound quality: The most basic aspect. The best waterproof Mp3 has a great quality of sound and they allow to hear the ambient noise and the noise of the music.
  • Comfortable fit: swimming comfortable and without anything that prevents us is the most important. The best waterproof mp3 should be adjustable to any head shape.
  • Other features: Features such as battery life, capacity, type of inputs, volume adjustment, etc…

Now that you know what you have to keep in mind when you buy an waterproof Mp3 we present you the best models in the market. As you will see, Sony has the best waterproof Mp3:

Aerb 4GB MP3 Acuático


This Water Mp3 can be used for any type of sports, as it has protection against dust and shocks or falls. This specially designed for swimming, is totally airtight, made with  resistant materials to pool water up to a maximum depth of 2 meters.

It has floats that allow you to recover it in the water. In addition, its clip is very easy to fit both the glasses, your waist or collar. The only drawback is that it does not allow synchronization with iTunes or have random playback.


  • High quality stereo and sound quality
  • Underwater: 3m
  • 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player
  • Supported formats: MP3 & WMA
  • Impeccable sound both out of water and submerged in water



Walkman NWZ-WS610 Series


Walkman is the best waterproof Mp3 model in the market, the opinions of the customers so guarantee. This could be considered the best waterproof Mp3 device  resistant to fresh and salty water. Your headband attachment will firmly hold the device, whatever the sport you are performing.

One of the most important features is Bluetooth technology, you can connect any device. The device has a capacity of 4GB (about 4000 songs). Interesting is the fast charging system: 3 minutes of charge equals 60 minutes of exercise. With full charge the battery can last for 7 hours.



Walkman NW-WS410 Series


The Walkman 410 is specially designed to swim in the ocean, is submersible up to 2 meters deep. Its design allows you to work in extreme conditions of cold and heat This water Mp3 can work at -5 ° C temperature!

It has a capacity of 4Gb to 8Gb. It also has the ambient sound mode that allows you to listen to your surroundings and the music without distorting the sound quality. The battery life can be up to 12 hours.



AGPTek S05: The best Waterproof Mp3


A more basic and cheaper option. It supports a huge amount of MP3 / WMA / WAV / ape / Flac / OGG formats. It is a very easy to use device, it connects to your PC and add the music that you want. It has random playback allowing you to enjoy the 8gb capacity. The battery is last long (18-22h according to the manufacturer).

It can be used to perform any type of sport but is specially designed for swimming. It is a very simple device: it does not have bluetooth, it does not have a radio and it does not have ergonomic hook adaptable to the shape of the head.


  • 8 GB Capacity
  • Supports multiple formats: MP3 / WMA / WAV / ape / Flac / OGG
  • Simplicity of use: connect and start listening to your favorite music
  • 18-22 hours playback when fully charged (depends on volume level)
  • Waterproof headset included in the pack
  • Specially designed for swimming


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