Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2018

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Are you tired of your house being full of dust? Below we present you the best vacuum cleaners of 2018.

The best vacuum cleaners have become a very necessary small household appliances anywhere, removing a lot of dirt in a short time and without great efforts. There are many models, brands, colors and prices. The most traditional models are the canister vacuums, with bag or without bag. Lately, among the best vacuum cleaners have been introduced robotic cleaners and Stick vacuums, very simple to use and with great cleaning capacity.

Before we start our analysis, a few tips when choosing a vacuum cleaner are needed. Since vacuum cleaners are in  homes, clean the home is much simpler, which has made it easier for vacuum cleaners to be one of the small appliances most in demand. Cleaning methods are more effective now than in the past. When you buy the one which we considered It will be the best vacuum cleaners of the year You must take into account:

  • The power of the vacuum cleaner: the power of the vacuum cleaner must be sufficient to be able to vacuum all corners of the house. If your house is large, you need more power.
  • The type of floor that we want to suck: If your floor is carpet or carpet you need more suction capacity which brings more power in the appliance.
  • The weight of the device: The lower the weight, the greater the mobility and the more cleaning.
    Now that we know that you have to take into account to choose our vacuum cleaner we will compare the best vacuum cleaners of 2018


Best canister vacuums:

Rowenta silence force extreme 4A

The Rowenta Extreme 4A is one of the best vacuum cleaners and the most powerful of the brand. It has  large capacity bag (3.5L). What Represent out most of this vacuum cleaner is that it can be classified into Eco-efficient, Performance (2200 W) consuming less than 50% of energy.

It has a great suction capacity and a sophisticated filtration system that collects and traps any dirt, ideal for people allergic.

Can be used on any floor (Parquet, tiles, carpets, carpets, etc.) thanks to its new parquet brush.

Product information:

  • Ergoconfort handle: designed for maximum comfort
  • Secure locking system for accessories
  • Built-in anti-shock protector
  • With bag (includes 1 Wonderbag Endura)
  • Capacity 3.5L bag with full bag indicator and full filter
  • Silent telescopic metal tubes
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Electrolux UltraOne Quattro

Electrolux  has designed one of the best vacuums of 2017. What represents out most from this vacuum cleaner is its AAAA energy rating, the first vacuum cleaner to achieve such a qualification.

This vacuum cleaner offers the best performance with a lower energy consumption (up to 40% less). Inside the vacuum cleaners Trineo, offers a great result in dirt collection thanks to its great power, great airflow and to the new brushes AeroPro Power Pro and AeroPro Parketto Pro.

Product information

  • AeroPro 3 in 1 accessory for narrow spaces, furniture and upholstery
  • Allergy Plus washable filter




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Dyson DC37c Total Allergy

The dyson DC37C is one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners. Unlike the ones discussed above, this vacuum cleaner has no bag and incorporates Radial Root Cyclone technology with improved air ducts to increase power. It also features Ball technology for increased mobility. Its Cyclone technology captures twice as much dirt as any other vacuum cleaner with the same technology. Cyclones in this vacuum cleaner capture particles (pollen, mold and bacteria) up to 0.5 microns. It also incorporates Ball technology, turns on itself to avoid strange movements.

The components are strategically located for the lowest possible noise. Sound insulation materials absorb acoustic energy but without compromising performance.

Product information

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Best Robotic vacuums

Irobot Roomba 871

IRobot Roomba 871 is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. This robotic vacuum cleaner is just as nice as it is efficient. It has IAdapt navigation technology, you can clean in any room in your home. This robot adapts to the disposition of your house and allows to clean under furniture and carpets, to avoid objects and slopes or stairs. Sucking effortlessly and simply can not be easier! Just press the “CLEAN” button and it cleans for you.

It has 3 stages in cleaning system  (lifts, extracts and suction)  cleaning 5 times more than  any traditional vacuum cleaner.

Once Iroomba has done its work he returns to the charging station and even warns you when you need a dump or maintenance.

Product information:

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This robotic vacuum cleaner has the features of the best Robot vacuum cleaners but  lower price. It incorporates a camera to show your house from anywhere. It also has a voice detector and programming for the robot to work autonomously.

Uses a dual-system TPU to detect movement and avoid damaging furniture and walls. It has a large LED display: battery, display of working modes and status can be displayed on this screen. Thanks to its WIFI connection you can connect the robot to your mobile device and control it.

Product information:

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Best stick vacuums


This stick vacuum cleaner picks up even the most embedded dirt with an unprecedented level of comfort. This small ultra modern  household appliance has an ion-lithium battery which allows you to clean up to 10 hours. It has a DELTA suction head and highly effective cyclonic technology.

No bag needed and no cables. On the other hand, its innovative and efficient design provides greater flexibility and mobility. It has a vertical position so that when saving it, it takes up little space. A led will indicate when the battery has to be recharged and its emptying system can not be Easier to use.

Product information

  • Three adjustable power positions, medium power on hard floors and highest on carpets;
  • Dirt tank of 0,5 l, removable.
  • New more aerodynamic and resistant flexible tube; Softer rubber wheels for parquet care
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Rowenta Air force extreme

This vacuum cleaner belongs to the Rowenta RH family. The battery is the most powerful on the market, up to 35 minutes of autonomy. The battery charge is quite fast, in less than one night you will have the device ready to re-clean your entire house.

Delta triangular vacuum cleaner allows you to clean each corner of your home in a simple way. The removable tank with which it counts empties easily and is of great capacity.

Product information:

  • Power Brush.
  • Without cable.
  • Without bag.
  • Removable tank 1 L.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Permanent vertical position.
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    • Estefanía Martínez
      Estefanía Martínez says:

      Hola Fernanda, gracias por leer nuestro artículo y aportar valor a nuestro contenido. Nos alegramos que hayas encontrado la aspiradora adecuada.

      Si quieres conocer más detalles sobre otros productos estate atenta a nuestro blog ?

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  1. pedro
    pedro says:

    Para mi la aspiradora de trineo Rowenta silence force extreme 4A es la mejor.
    Es la que tengo y funciona estupendamente.
    Rowenta es una marca puntera en aspiradoras.

    • Estefanía Martínez
      Estefanía Martínez says:

      Hola Pedro, gracias por leer nuestro artículo.
      Si como bien comentas Rowenta es una marca de gran calidad en aspiradoras, gracias por tu comentario.

      Espero que te haya servido de ayuda, y no olvides que si quieres conocer más detalle sobre otros productos estate atento a nuestro blog ?

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  2. Pablo de
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    Excelente aportación esta review de cuales son los mejores robots aspiradores. En muchos sitios se hacen pero atendiendo a unos intereses comerciales personales, veo que este no es vuestro caso y que habéis sido totalmente objetivos.

  3. Sameer
    Sameer says:

    Thank you for sharing! It was really helped me understand uses of the Vacuum cleaner and really helped me choose vacuum cleaner from I-Vacuum Cleaners.

  4. Amelie Yates
    Amelie Yates says:

    My special thanks to you for sharing such a helpful review. I recently purchased the Roomba 870 series vacuum when I received a discount from iRobot and we are very satisfied in our household with the great job it does. We primarily use the vacuum in our house which contains hardwood floors and tile throughout.

  5. Alicia Francis
    Alicia Francis says:

    Hi, this article really useful for me. I confused for choosing the Vacuum Cleaners information what would be the best for everything. But review this article my confusion has cleared, this cleaner help to my baby room for clean. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative article.


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