Best multi cooker 2017

Best multi cooker

Are you ready to share your kitchen with a new Assistant? With the arrival of the spring arrives the time to enjoy of dishes more light and full of flavor and that the best way that saving you time and stress in the kitchen with the best multi cooker.

Then, you explain which are the best multi cooker on the market.

There are different categories and a variety of multi cooker available depending on the needs you have. We have selected the alternatives more popular alternatives and believe that they can be helpful to be able to guide you in the purchase of the multi cooker best suited to your needs.

When choosing a multi cooker, you should think that it is a long-term investment product by what you must first analyze the following aspects:

  • Witch are your needs?
  • What functions you want to, that the multi cooker has?
  • Witch is the budget estimate?

In this section, we analyze the best multi cooker that most fit your needs on the base of the current market.


Thermomix TM5

TM5 is the fifth generation of Thermomix is the best multi cooker by excellence revolutionizing the way of cooking of millions of homes by their quality top that allows replace numerous utensils of the kitchen.

This multi cooker is designed for all types of people and lifestyles, due to its functionality can be used in a variety of ways.

With the help of Thermomix can pass off being beginner to develop meals elegant.

best multi cooker


  • 2 liters vessel capacity the multi cooker has multiple functions: weigh, mix, cut, grind, knead, cooking, steaming, beat, remove, emulsify and heat with precision
  • book digital
  • manual controls and touch
  • screen that shows the ingredients needed and the time that must be
  • close the manual cover or automatic
  • temperature up to 120 °
  • digital color screen


Moulinex Cusine Companion. Best multi cooker for family.

Is one of the most complete models that exist in the market, versatile and competitive priced.

This model stands out as one of the best multi cooker, large and suitable for large families or simply to cook number for several days, thanks to your recipient of their 4.5 liters of capacity, allowing you to prepare up to 6/8 dishes.

best multi cooker



  • The multi cooker has multiple functions: pica, milling, mix, cut, powder, mounted, knead, beats, grinds, bakes, emulsifies, fry, stew and bake steam.
  • 6 programs automatic 1 manual
  • Range of 5 accessories specific and efficient (blade chopper, dough, whisk, mixer and basket of steam)
  • Power: 1500W
  • 12 speeds 2 modes special
  • Temperature until 130 °
  • Includes book of recipes with 1 million of menus
  • Dimensions 31 x 35 x 32
  • Weight: 7 kg


Taurus My Cook Touch. The best intelligent multi cooker.

My cook Touch is the best multi cooker intelligent with connection the Internet. The food processor has a recipe book with over 500 recipes, which become unlimited thanks to its integrated wi-fi connection.

Can be monitored through the tablet, PC or mobile and receive news, tips, and information for free.

best multi cooker


  • The multi cooker has multiple functions: beats, pica, mounted, grinds, emulsifies, stew, steam cooking. Includes the functions of sauce, kneaded, control of weight for balance and Turbo.
  • Screen touch of 7 “
  • Connection wi-fi integrated that connects with Cloud
  • 10 speeds
  • Update permanent: recipes, news, software
  • Temperature up to 140 °
  • Balance with pressure of 5 g
  • Cooking three levels: jar, basket, and large capacity stainless steamer
  • Accessories: steamer, palette mixer, and basket


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  1. Fernando
    Fernando says:

    Compré el Taurus MyCook Touch. Aparentemente, todo correcto. Una interfaz estupenda y buenos resultados. Pero al poco comprobé que en muchas recetas el robot no hacía algunos pasos automáticamente, como pesar o picar. En Atención al Cliente no me dieron respuesta alguna, así que lo cambié por otro nuevo. Este segundo aparato, aún peor, pues desde el principio se paraba en mitad de la receta, saliendo el pantalla “Error 9: sobrecalentamiento”. Así que otra vez a devolverlo. Una verdadera decepción.

  2. Sara
    Sara says:

    Gracias por la info. Una duda, no menciona cuál funciona por resistencias aún y cual por inducción?
    Las resistencias son más lentas para calentar y consumen más.
    No obstante se agradece el tiempo que el autor se ha tomado para escribir el post. 😉


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