Best 10 inch tablet of 2017

mejor tablet 10 pulgadas

Looking for a 10 inch tablets or more? Today is your lucky day, at Epinium we are going to introduce you the best 10 inch tablet (and its most direct competitors) that are currently on the market, so you can enjoy a portable device without the weight and complications that a laptop entails. The tablets have become one of the devices par excellence in any home, they have infinity of applications (games, workplace, health, etc.) and their weight and size (greater to a mobile and smaller to a PC) make of this Device a must have. Remember that the ranking of tablets has been made according to the ranking of our tool, Epinium Score.

Before we introduce you  the best 10 inch tablet and its competitors, a small shopping guide so you know what to keep in mind when you buy your  your tablet:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend? The tablets have a fairly high price range, from 100 to 1000 euros. Think well in your budget! It is clear that the more expensive tablets offer better performance and durability.
  • Measure: Standard measurement is 10 inches. There are also smaller tablets (7 inches) to use as a book reader. If you want to buy and know which is the best 10 inch tablet read on.
  • Storage: The most popular models do not offer storage capacity (Ipad). In contrast, other cheaper models allow to put a micro SD card. Think well if you are going to have many files on your device (music, pictures, books) and decide on one device or another.
  • Operating system: IOS or Android? In epinium we choose IOS.

Now you have some basics items to choose which tablet fits your needs, now we introduce you the best 10 inches tablet and some of its competitors according to the tool Epinium Score:

1.Apple Ipad Air 2. The best 10 inch tablet.

What to say about Apple We do not known: sleek design, good components, durability and the best specifications on the market make it the best 10 inch tablet on the market. This model of Ipad is very powerful and very at the same time, weighs 437 grams, is 18% thinner than its predecessor and is 6.1 mm thick. It has an antireflective retina display made up of three layers, allowing you to obtain more vivid colors and greater contrast. It has improved fingerprint reader to increase the security of your documents and profiles, a new technology Isight allows you to obtain professional photographs thanks to its advanced optics.

Its architecture makes it the best 10-inch tablet, consisting of a 64-bit body. It features an 8X chip that offers graphics performance and CPU higher than its predecessor. This chip increases the speed of the device by 40%. The battery is the most durable on the market, up to 10 hours of battery life (depending on usage). The operating system that incorporates is the IOS 10, a very intuitive operating system.

The models of Ipad air 2 can work with wifi connection or can work with mobile connection. There are currently two models on the market, the 32GB and the 128GB.

Product information:


At Amazon.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This 10.1 “tablet from Samsung is the direct rival of the best 10 inch tablet of the market (Ipad). It has a TFT screen with WUXGA technology 1920 x 1200px with a great sharpness, in addition with its new mode of visualization you can pass the image of your tablet to the screen, as long as the two are connected to the same network.

It assembles a CPU Octa core to 1.6 GHz, its memory is of 2GB, an internal capacity of 16gb and possibility to add a micro SD. Its main camera has 8 Mp and the front camera is 2 Mp. You can record video in high resolution at 30fps.

There are two models, just like in Ipad, models with mobile connectivity and models that only work with Wifi. It’s not the best 10-inch tablet but it’s close.

Product Information:

  • Size: 10.1″ (255.4mm) Peso: 525
  • minimalistic and smart design
  • OS Android



At Amazon


3.ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

A very good model Asus device, among the best tablets on the market. Its screen is 9.7 inches, its cinematic quality audio and offers a powerful performance, can serve us both for work issues and for our personal leisure.

The coverage of the device is forged aluminum, weighs 430 g and has a thickness of only 5.8 mm. The screen is IPS 9.7 inches accepts resolutions up to 2K (2048 × 1536 px). Its Visualmaster technology allows you to have a mink angle up to 178º.

This tablet, includes rear camera and front camera 8 and 5 Mp respectively. The battery is  great of capacity with 5900mAh and technology of fast load Quick charge 3.0. It is not the best 10 inch tablet but it is a great choice.

Product information:

  • Hall Sensor / Fingerprint / Sensor Hub
  • IPS Panel
  • Multitouch




At Amazon


This Gaming tablet sneaks among the best 10-inch tablets. Its main difference lies in its NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, which includes an NVIDIA kepler GPU of 2.2 GHz.

Its screen is not far behind, full HD 1080 and two front speakers UltraSound allow to offer incredible quality of image and sound. It has internal and external camera, both of 5 Mp. The factory storage of this tablet is 16GB, expandable by micro SD card.

Product information


At Amazon

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