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Comprehensive e-commerce analytics to help brands & manufacturers optimize their digital shelf in Amazon worldwide.

1. Synchronize

Just synchronize and integrate all your Seller and Vendor Central accounts with Epinium Analytics. It’s so quick and easy!

2. Optimize

Get actionable insights FROM 9 different metrics. You will know what, why and how to improve your products rank in real time.

3. Grow

Start growing your sales and WATCH your products BECOMING the next best seller.


are concentrated in page 1 Amazon’s search results and 35 different factors influence your Amazon ranking

Are your products there?

  • Click Thru Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Sales History
  • Referral Path
  • Reviews
  • Inventory
  • Keywords
  • Impressions
  • Seller Authority

Global Dashboard

Get an overview of your global performance and customize analysis groups to gain insights that are tailored for your business. Recommendations for action indicate what requires immediate attention.

Product Content

Have a perfect digital shelf presentation in order to tell your brand’s story and learn how product content, such as product title, description, and images, impact your visibility and search ranking.


Optimize visibility of your products in the digital shelf by analyzing if your products arrive at the 1st page and how these are ranked for particular search terms.


Analyze pricing, 3rd party sellers of your products and pricing behavior of your competitors allowing you to maximize sales and to sustain brand equity.

Rating & Reviews

Detect products lacking reviews to take actions promoting customer feedback or to amend your product portfolio in order to maximize your online conversion rate.

Questions & Answers

Monitor questions asked and the respective answers given by consumers regarding your products and have a say in order to give a good picture of your customer service.


Evaluate your digital shelf in terms of what products are out of stock, unavailable or exclusively sold by 3rd party sellers.

Revenue Share

Analyze your revenue share to optimize your e-commerce business and monitor your account health to secure customer satisfaction.


Our technology optimize your ad campaigns investments in a time-saving and scalable way.


Dive into prepared results and benchmark your competition for each of the analysis sections in order to gain insights that are designed to fit your business and to increase brand equity.

Weekly Reports & Alerts

Receive weekly reports to stay in tune with current trends and be notified about what’s important in order to initiate proactive measures.

56% of shoppers use Amazon as their first choice for product searches and it influences 45% of entire retail industry.

If you follow an omnichannel strategy, with Epinium Analytics you will see how your sales grow not only in Amazon.

  • Sales increment in %


We have a pricing tailored to all Amazon sellers, with all the features.

How many products are you selling?

Up to 200 ASINs


per ASIN and month

Up to 500 ASINs


per ASIN and month

>501 ASINs


per ASIN and month

Epinium Analytics is the only tool to track all the factors that real matter to leverage your Amazon worldwide sales and be ahead of competitors.