Optimization of Amazon Product Detail Pages

Epinium Analytics is an easy-to-use online tool to ensure compliance with Amazon's product content recommendations.


Amazon SEO is all about conversion rate

Amazon is a marketplace and was created to sell products. That means, if you want to improve your rankings to appear on page 1 of Amazon’s search results, you should focus on boosting the click-through-rate (CTR) and the conversion rate of your products. If Amazon’s ranking algorithm recognizes that your products’ click-through-rate and conversion rate goes up, so will your ranking. It is as simple as that.

That is easy to say, but many factors affect a product’s conversion rate. Those factors are difficult to manage and it becomes almost impossible if you are selling hundreds of products. Epinium Analytics simplifies the process of product detail page optimization by auditing all the factors that matter in order to increase click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

Benefits of a Good Detail Page

Better click-through-rate (CTR) – More shopper will select your product from a group of similar products.
Important factors:

  • Titles
  • Main Product Image
  • Customer Reviews

Better conversion rate – More of the shoppers who visit your product’s detail page will also buy product.
Important factors:

  • Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Alternate Images
  • Customer Reviews
  • A+ Content
Amazon SEO

Epinium Analytics audits
the following factors

Amazon Title

Product title length must not exceed a maximum of 200 characters

The ideal Amazon title length, however, consists of far less characters and should follow the category-specific recommendations of Amazon. The rule of thumb is to include only relevant information in the product title.

Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon allows you to have 5 bullets points in a very prominent page location.

The bullet points should summarize a product’s key features and provide additional benefits of a product. As shoppers see bullet points right below the price, it is important to convey what is unique about a product – make them count!

Amazon Search Terms

In your Amazon Seller/Vendor Central you have the option to add generic backend keywords to your products.

Search keywords help shoppers to find your products and can include product features, alternate names, and descriptive synonyms. A character limitation exist and applies to all Amazon marketplaces, but is different for each country.

Amazon Description

The product's description length should have at least 1000 characters.

Amazon gives you 2000 characters to verbally subdue your customers into purchasing. Try to explain the benefits of your products as detailed as you can.

Amazon Images

Amazon gives you the possibility to have up to 9 images for a product (main image + 8 alternate images).

As pictures are one of the most important factors influencing a shopper’s buying decisions, you should ensure to provide high-resolution images. The main image should show just the product without packaging and on a white background. Alternate images can add lifestyle shots or can show the product packaging and accessories.

Amazon A+ Content

Add A+ Content and upgrade your product detail page with additional information about your product.

A+ content can be extra visuals or additional marketing content complying with your brand image in order to overcome purchase hesitations and drive your conversion rate.