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Best Vacuum cleaners of 2017

Are you tired of your house being full of dust? Below we present you the best vacuum cleaners of 2017.

The best vacuum cleaners have become a very necessary small household appliances anywhere, removing a lot of dirt in a short time and without great efforts. There are many models, brands, colors and prices. The most traditional models are the canister vacuums, with bag or without bag. Lately, among the best vacuum cleaners have been introduced robotic cleaners and Stick vacuums, very simple to use and with great cleaning capacity. Read more

How important are online reviews for your brand

Everytime you tried to buy anything online, you’ve read online reviews or you’ve seen an aggregated “star” rating for the product you wanted to buy. Customer reviews have a powerful effect on the behavior of your clients and on the strategy of your brand. Brands care more than ever about the commentary their customers leave on their websites, and they are making efforts to encourage more customers to share their reviews. Read more

Brand reputation

Brand reputation: What is and why matters

Brand reputation is how a brand is viewed by the population or its users. A favorable brand reputation means consumers trust your company, and feel comfortable about purchasing your products or services. An unfavorable brand reputation will cause consumers to distrust your company and be worried about purchasing in your e-commerce or traditional shop. Read more