Make yours the next bestseller

The leading ecommerce analytics platform for product market research in real time

Leverage your product life cycle


time to market for new products, with a reduction of 50% in post-launch modifications.


insights based on relevant market data.


for market research, competitive intelligence and consumer insights.

1. Discover

How to find the perfect product to sell

Save time identifying and evaluating real time market signals. Determine unmet and hidden consumer needs.

2. Launch

It's all about market entry position and market readiness

Detect market anomalies and opportunities for product launches or promotional campaigns. Appeal to prospects directly by adapting your message to customers language.

3. Sell

65% of consumers conduct online product research before stepping foot in a store

Stay ahead of the game listening your customers and analyzing competitive data at product level. Shape pricing strategies based on brand positioning in order to detect MRP violations.

4. Phase out

The right moment to stop wasting money

Estimate the end-of- life phase of your products and minimize losses. Capitalize on new revenue streams and untapped market opportunities.

See everything that happens in your market. As it happens.

Our data covers the entire world, every market and segment. It’s bigger than any BI system could ever be, and way more useful. You’ll always have the facts you need to support every decision, at every level.







Make data-driven decisions based on AI with EPINIUM ANALYTICS

Market research is vital to any brand and Epinium Analytics has revolutionized the way it is done.

Kiara Guzmán

CMO at Kärcher
Epinium Analytics helps us to understand what consumers think of our strategic products and their respective competitors.

Marcos Viladomiu

CMO at Logitech