AI-based platform to get product market research in real time.


Deep Market Research

Artificial Intelligence algorithm working on User Generated content provides you insights and relevant data about your businesses performance as market research never do before. An effective tool to assist your reputation, keep an eye on competidors and control market tendecies.


Better samples quality

Traditional market research through focus groups, interviews or surveys, they obtain biased samples that are also bounded in time and space. In our case, the samples are reviews that consumers make on the internet in a totally spontaneous way, without any bias beyond their own experience.


In real time and uninterrupted

Epinium let you know what’s happening uninterrupted within the market now. Furthermore, Epinium can also support you to control and identify potential problems and avoid reputation crisis.

"88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation."



UGC content is a powerful information ready to be analyse. Tell us products you want to get information and all websites you are interested in, then we will get all reviews for you.

Instantly see product’s strengths and weaknesses across your product opinions without surveys, focus group or any tradicional market research. UGC is earned content and it drives engagement and ROI like never before.



Big data analysis as a powerful tool for your company. Discover what others says about your products through e-commerces reviews.

We manage information with the purpose of you can filter and analyse it in an easier and more effective way. Get the clients thoughts into report!


Contextualize your product review data. Graphics and boards show you the reviews history of all your products. You can filter the information depending on diferent features.

As a platform with high monitoring simplification and using next level of human intelligence resources, UGC is curate to convert your product review data into analytics and breakthrought innovation.

Add a new competitor to your list and discover who are your real competence, develop new products and improve them.






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